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    It was indeed a spectacular scene. The eyes of commander Sajjad (ra) were sparkling dangerously. He possessed an amazing personality. He knew exactly how to hide his emotions and inner feelings, but at some emotional moments the sparkle in his eyes would increase more than ever before. This sparkle would disclose his inner feelings. I have personally witnessed his eyes sparkling in this manner many times in his life. There would be times when his tears would extinguish the fire in his eyes, but he rarely wept in the presence of people and indeed on very rare occasions did the tears flow from his eyes.
    There is no shortage of sacrifices in Islamic history. Indeed in every era there have lived pious slaves of Allah who have chosen to drink the cup of death in order to save their fellow brothers. The pages of history have recorded these remarkable events. These people would prefer to die of thirst whilst giving water to their thirsty brothers. This thirst they endured, until today continues to inspire muslims to give preference to their brothers and sisters over themselves.
    At approximately 11:30 hours on Friday the 28th of Shaban 1415 corresponding to 11 April 1994 commander Sajjad shaheed decided to join this group of pious muslims. Inshallah this action of his will be an enlightening example for the mujahideen in times to come. Commander Sajjad beckoned to a soldier and asked him to call his officer as he had an important announcement to make. As the Indian army is under constant pressure from the mujahideen they are usually delighted to hear such offers. Being an experienced commander and active in Kashmir for so long, Sajjad (ra) was aware of the nature of the Indian army. No sooner had they heard this, the soldiers immediately called their commanding officer. I was gazing at Sajjad (ra), astonished not knowing what was to follow. Within seconds the commanding officer was beside me.
    This was an old colonel of average height, big build, a rounded face and dark complexion. He had the red dot on his forehead which the filthy Hindus consider to be blessed. As he entered commander Sajjad declared in an emphatic tone "Congratulations officer! Today you have gained great success. I am the commander in chief of Harakatul Ansaar, Sajjad Afghani. You have arrested me but this scholar accompanying me has nothing whatsoever to do with the mujahideen. He is a visitor to this country. I kidnapped him. In all likelihood his prayers have been answered hence you arrested me otherwise this task wouldn't have been so unchallenging and painless!" At the end of this announcement the colonel was extremely delighted and overjoyed as if he was in seventh heaven. The rest of the soldiers were also congratulating each other. In the midst of all this Sajjad (ra) addressed me thus "Please forgive me. I oppressed you and I am now tasting the consequences. Please pardon me." He then turned to the colonel and spoke thus "Please release this scholar, you have attained a grand triumph. In reply the colonel said he would free me.
    After this brief conversation the soldiers placed me in the front seat of a military car. A Sikh major joined me in the car while the convoy headed towards the military camp.
    Commander Sajjad had done his utmost to save his friend and guest. Sajjad (ra) had been active in the Valley of Kashmir for quite a while now. There was a high probability of his real identity being discovered by the Indian army as many of their spies had seen him before and could instantly recognise him. But before any of this could happen he himself disclosed his identity. He did this to free me from captivity. He gave preference to me over himself. Consequently he went through immense torture for a period of two days but stuck to his original statement, until a few days later the Indian army discovered my identity.
    This announcement of Sajjad (ra) didn't bring about the desired result. Sajjad (ra) didn't achieve his intended aim but gained a rank in the sight of Allah. This action of Sajjad (ra) serves as a desirable model for all. In it is a lesson of selflessness and sacrifice for muslims in general and the mujahideen specifically.
    May Allah accept his shahaadah. Ameen

    By Shaykh Masood Azhar (May Allah (swt) preserve him)

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