His melodious voice echoes in my ears whenever anyone mentions Baber. Many a times he could be seen in the valleys of Afghanistan cheerfully singing Jihadic nasheeds. Today although he is not amongst us, those of us who knew him will always remember him. Even the Ameer used to become tearful when Baber was mentioned.
This brave, young and courageous brother was born in India, but before reaching the truth he had strayed many times. While he could often be seen roaming about the market place there was also a time when he was a rising star in the Indian film industry. His voice echoed all over the airwaves in India and his pics began to appear in the newspapers and magazines. But Baber's pure soul couldn't stand this filthy environment for long until he was able to free himself from its clutches.
In the words of Baber " I, a lost traveller reached my destination in the jihad of Afghanistan." There were times when this cheerful brother would suddenly become silent and address a fellow mujahid thus "Brother there is only one way to compensate for Baber's sins and that is shahadah in the path of Allah."
Many a times he would inform his friends of the pain that dwelled in his heart when he saw that the Hindus wanted to convert the Babrey Masjid into a temple. He would often say " I can't bear to see this Masjid being deserted. Inshaallah I will train myself for this task. I will fight every infidel heading for Babrey Masjid."
It was on the 22 of Shabaan ???? that he arrived at the central office of Hakatul-Mujahideen. Soon he was sent to the training centre from where he emerged as a courageous and fearless commando. He would go to the enemy's den and bring back a detailed report on them. Then he was appointed to be the Ameer of the Ragbely centre. However this true mujahid was always in search of shahadah. He had made a will that after his martyrdom he should be buried in Afghanistan and not taken elsewhere. During his six months on the front-line he proved to be a very successful and brave commander.
At last the time had arrived which Baber had been eagerly waiting for. In the operation against the Russians which Baber himself was commanding, while walking on the front-line he stepped on a land mine which brought his worldly life to an end. This brave and fearless mujahid who had been brought up in India was no longer amongst us.
Now Baber had willed that he be buried in Afghanistan but those in charge were unaware of this. After the janazah salah the brothers in charge decided that his body be taken to Meeranshah for burial. Accordingly his body was loaded onto a donkey ready to be transported to Pakistan, but strangely the donkey refused to move. At this the brothers were perplexed when suddenly one of the brothers remembered the will of the shaheed. Eventually Baber was buried in the grave which he, a few days prior had prepared with his own hands.
A few weeks/months later a Pakistani brother saw a dream in which Baber was singing a beautiful nasheed in his melodious voice. The brother said to him "I thought you had passed away" Baber replied "When did I die? I am alive." And indeed shahadah is the real life.
O Allah we ask you to accept his shahadah and give us the tawfiq to follow in his footsteps. Ameen