By Ukhtsajjad on Monday, March 29, 2004 - 11:13 pm: Edit

Dear mother and father
Assalamu alaykum
I hope you are in the best of health. I am fine too. Today I will be going to (occupied) Kashmir Inshaallah, to discharge my duty and to fulfil my obligation. You will probably be furious about the fact that I left for here without asking you. But you might recall that one day when I asked you to allow me to leave (for jihad) you became enraged. Due to that incident I could not find the courage to ask your permission a second time. I also could not remain at home because the sobs and screams of my muslim brothers and sisters in Kashmir were always ringing in my ears. I cannot bear to see the cowardly kafir playing with the honour of our mothers and sisters while we sit comfortably in our homes watching. I want to cut open the infidels' throats to quench my thirst. I want to shed the blood of infidels until Islam reigns supreme. Life and death are solely in the hands of Allah, and to meet death on the battlefield is better than dying elsewhere.
Please forgive me, because if one's parents are pleased one achieves success in every walk of life. The success of children is in fact the parents' success. Dear mother and father please abide by Islamic laws, enjoin everyone at home to be punctual with the salah, give my brothers an Islamic education and father please grow a beard. This is my last wish, please fulfil it.
Dear father zakah is incumbent upon all (rich) muslims and is given on all things, so please regard me as the zakah on your sons. If we stay alive we will definitely meet inshaallah! When you receive the news of my shahaadah please refrain from wailing and lamenting. This is my will, please act upon it, because a shaheed is (in reality) alive and people do not mourn those who are alive.
Your son
Mohammed Aslam Shaakir

By Sultan on Wednesday, March 31, 2004 - 06:52 pm: Edit

Assalammu Alaikum,
If only the youth in the Uk, were all like this, may Allah(swt) give this brother, the highest firdaws, alongside the prophets, the scholars, martyrs etc inshallah, may Allah(swt) give hidayah to these filthy Hindus, who r raping our mothers and sisters, and are scaring our women for life in Jammu Kashmir, these barbaric hindus are also mutilating our brothers in prison, to imagine the punishment that our Muslim brothers and sisters are enduring is unimaginable, so I pray to Allah(swt) that more of us become Mujahids inshallah.