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The teachings of Shaheed Abu Anas (RA) live on...

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    Default The teachings of Shaheed Abu Anas (RA) live on...

    By . on Monday, October 20, 2003 - 12:22 pm: Edit

    For those who remember Shaheed Abu Anas (RA) there is proof of how his teachings live on years (nearly 4 years) after he embraced martyrdom in Kashmir. In a recent conference held in Pakistan his daughter now 4/5 yrs old stood up in front of 10'000's of people and read inspiring words, and a Urdu nasheed regarding Jihad. Inshallah i will translate and post it soon.

    Abu Anas said to his daughter in his will:
    Dear Wardah! Do not get lost in the pleasures of life, say your prayer regularly and enjoin good and forbid from evil, stay away from music,
    TV and other vulgar activities, observe veil. Please head my advice and do not bring indignity to me on the Resurrection Day. Fear of Allah is the best jewel of a believer and prayer is his best weapon."
    Oh Ustaad! we testify that Allah swt has kept Warda obedient to your last words. She stood amongst 10,000's and invited to the path you walked. may Allah swt keep her upon the truth.

    This is a direct translation. In the nasheed she sings a conversation between a son and his mother:

    Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah hai

    Yoo katai loona fee sabeelillah – aAnd continue killing them for the sake of Allah (x2)

    Oh my mother permit me to go to Kashmir,
    I have to wake up the sleeping Ummah’s destiny,
    I have to tell our youth that the time for Jihad is here;

    My baby Mujahid why are you going to Kashmir?
    By placing distance between us you are testing my motherhood

    Because the Valley of Kashmir has turned into Hell,
    In which Valley Shaytan is shedding rivers of blood,
    For the sake of this deen I will sacrifice my life,
    I will raise aloft the flag of Islam above all flags,
    A place where the deviants become frightened of,

    Oh my son, why are u inflicting such torment upon me?
    Why do you destroy this garden of aspirations I have for you,
    Give me your gun and your sword,
    I wont let you go.

    Please don't block my path with your pleas,
    Do what all pious mothers do at a time like this.
    I’ll become Ismail and you become Hajaraah,
    You make dua as my heart is becoming inpatient for shahaada

    Oh my son, the beat of my heart , the light of my eyes,
    May Allah protect you,
    Here take this gun, this bow and this shroud
    May Allah protect you,
    Inshallah I will meet you in Jannah, may Allah protect you.

    My mother has given me permission to go to Kashmir,
    She has allowed me to fight for the sake of Allah to obtain Jannah.

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    Default Re: The teachings of Shaheed Abu Anas (RA) live on...

    Mashallah so beatfuil, may allah help it

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