what do the books of tabaqa say about Imaam as-safarini(rh) and his 'aqeedah?
Well, this is the point. The books of tabaqat do not suggest anything with respect to tafweedh and al-saffrini, the way they do not suggest anything with respect to affirming the literal meanings and Ibn Taymiyya.

Why? Because as far as the Hanbalis are concerned, there is no difference between Ibn Taymiyya and any other Hanbali with respect to the issue of Names and Attributes.

Yes, when there comes a Hanbali who differed with the mainstream Hanbalis, such as Ibn 'Aqil and Ibn al-Jawzi, the books on tabaqat do make note of it. This is why, shouldn't it make a person wonder, why Ibn al-Jawzi is censured for his views on Sifat - in the very books of tabaqat, while there is a deafening silence on Ibn Taymiyya?

I believe he himself mentioned that he hasnt studied any of the major book sof the true hanaabila on the sufi forums, and hasnt made his presence since. he mentioned he followed the aqeedah of the asharee influence/sympathizing RizqAllah family from amongst the hanaabilah.
If he hasn't studied any Hanbali work on creed (and perhaps even fiqh), on what basis does he claim to be a Hanbali.

Guess what? I can be a chemist, too. I know I have never studied pharmacy. But there you go! I am chemist!

As for his sympathies with 'Rizq Allah family', then as mentioned earlier, he does not know what he is talking about.

There is no such thing as 'Rizq Allah family'. There is the Tamimi family, and RizqAllah al-Tamimi was only a member of that family.

Not to mention that even Rizq Allah and the entire Tamimi family in bulk are grossly anthropomorphists according to his Ash'arite standard. And he could only know this if he had even read the work by Abul-Fadhl al-Tamimi in beliefs.

But this is the 21st century 'traditionalism'. Just brag about the ijazas on one hand, and on the other, pretend to be a Hanbali spokesman, and dupe the masses by writing a humiliating 'Oranges and Apples', without having read - let alone traditionally studied - a single book on creed.

If you ask me, this isn't a sign of a person with a healthy heart.