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Wonders of Qadr

This is a discussion on Wonders of Qadr within the Islamic Theology and Ideology forums, part of the Islamic Knowledge category; This is a true story that happened in Egypt (related by Shaykh Wahid Abd al-Salam Bali in his lecture ): ...

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    Default Wonders of Qadr

    This is a true story that happened in Egypt (related by Shaykh Wahid Abd al-Salam Bali in his lecture):

    A young man flagged down a taxi in order to take his ill mother to the hospital. They both got in and the driver made his way to the hospital. However, on the way, the son asked for the taxi to be stopped so that he could get out and quickly get some medication for his mother. As he was away, the mothers health suddenly plummeted and subhanAllah, the driver noticed the signs of death on her. He immediately went to her side and guided her through the Shahadah (testimony of faith), in accordance to the hadith: Whoevers last words are la ilaha illaAllah (there is no God but Allah), will enter Paradise. [Abu Dawud]. The mother looked at the driver acknowledging it, and finally she uttered the words of faith before breathing her very last.

    When the son returned, the driver informed him of the news. The son went into a natural hysteria whereupon the driver consoled him saying, Dont worry, I helped her utter the Shahadah and she said it in a clear voice. The son then exclaimed, What! Why did you do that? Dont you know we are Christians?!

    - SubhanAllah, the wonders of the Qadr (Decree) of Allah. You just dont know where it will take you and what your last words/deeds will be. This was a Coptic Christian mother in the throes of death and Allah saved her just in time. May Allah grant us all a good end, ameen.

    The Messenger (sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam) said: Iman is to believe in Allah, His Angels, His Books, His Messengers, the Last Day and the Decree; the good thereof and the bad. [Muslim]
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    "... And the last of their call will be, "Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds." [10:10]

    Imam Malik (rh): Do not look to the sins of people as if you are Lords, but look to your own sins as if you are slaves. Have mercy on the people of affliction and praise Allah for your well-being, and never say, This person is from the people of Hellfire, and this person is from the people of Paradise. Do not be arrogant over the sinners, but rather ask Allah to grant them hidayah and rashad (i.e. guidance).

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    Default Re: Wonders of Qadr

    Oh man! I was gonna post this, you beat me to it just got it this morning.... Jazakillahu khairan....very nice story.

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    Alhamdulillah! inshAllah the son will follow his mother and be saved

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