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Talib Ul Ilm Brothers/Sisters...

This is a discussion on Talib Ul Ilm Brothers/Sisters... within the Islamic Law forums, part of the Islamic Knowledge category; Asalaamualaikum, At some point could we please start a whole thread, all about the Moonsighting Issue, especially for here in ...

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    Post Talib Ul Ilm Brothers/Sisters...


    At some point could we please start a whole thread, all about the Moonsighting Issue, especially for here in the UK. Who we should follow in the UK, all the opinions, the controversy, the details, the Fiqhi/Madhahib rulings. Inshallah if we get the thread going- then it could be a sticky later on.

    To Bro Harris.. I remember reading a post from you, either on IA or Multaqa about starting a thread about this whole fiasco? If not during Ramadan then afterwards inshallah, is it possible to visit this whole issue in some details? It seems the Deobandies are split about this issue, with Wifaq ul Ullemah V Hizb Ul Ullemah/Bury saying contradictory things. Some for Saudi Sightings and some against Saudi Sightings.
    From my limited (clueless) reading of this issue, my heart leans towards Wifaq Ul Ullemah as i have read some of their literature- some of their findings are in accordance with Fatawahs from major Salafi Scholars such as Ibn Utaymeen (may Allah have mercy upon him)

    I apologise if anybody feels i am opening a can of worms, that is not my intention.
    I simply wanna make more of an informed decision about this whole issue. Surely this is a topic which is worthy to discuss from a Fiqhi perspective and something which is affecting us all- ie the day we fast and the days we break our fast-to help bring unity amongst the UK Muslims- we may even visit others issues such as Prayer times for the Summer- astronomical calculations V Moonsighting- which calculations are best to determine Fajr/Isha etc.

    Obviously for this Ramadan, Saudi/Deobandies/Salafies will be fasting tommorrow and Barelvies in Bradford are starting on Tuesday- same day as Australia? Wifaq are waiting to sight the moon tonight inshallah. I think Sheikh Haitham has also spoken out against Hizb Ul Ullemah recently regarding the prayer timetable.

    Jazakhallah Khair.

    Walaykum asalaam
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    Default Re: Talib Ul Ilm Brothers/Sisters...

    BaarakAllaah feek for the thread bro - InshaAllaah nothing but khayr will come out of this. I was interesting on posting something here too but you beat me to it

    Here is the link to Shaykh Haytham Haddad's article: Click Here

    Since particular members on this forum have lost their sense of being just to all regardless of affiliation, and believe that for some there is no justice, and if you do give justice to those who deserve no justice then you yourself are counted as being one who sides with them, defends them, shows sympathy to them. I therefore, must clarify and make clear that
    i am ANTI-ISIS!
    - now can we please stop whining?

    - For if upon Allah you do rely
    The intrigues of his slaves can bring no pains.

    Syed Qutb (May Allaah accept him)

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