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Watching shirk V watching indecency

This is a discussion on Watching shirk V watching indecency within the Islamic Law forums, part of the Islamic Knowledge category; We are aware that it is an act of shirk to 'act (in a film)' whereby one bows down to ...

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    Default Watching shirk V watching indecency

    We are aware that it is an act of shirk to 'act (in a film)' whereby one bows down to an idol and for that matter (it is also shirk to 'act') other kinds of shirk and by extention kufr. However, this question relates to the scenerios whereby the audience is involved.

    Scenerio 1: Muslim 'A' watches with pleasure and happiness a film whereby the actor performs magic and assumes attributes only applicable to Allah (for example: the actor resurrecting the dead).

    Scenerio 2: Muslim 'B' watches with enjoyment an extremely indecent (fahisha) film.

    In both of the scenerios - approving the validity of acts is not involved. Nevertheless, happiness and a desire is evident.

    Question: In scenerio 1 - what is the ruling on Muslim 'A'? Is he guilty of shirk and is it just a major sin?

    If it is just a major sin in scenerio 1 - what is the bigger sin compare to the major sin of scenerio 2?

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