summary: unlike some mutashaddid and ignorant people who like to regard followers of four madahib out of ahlu sunnah. the four madahib are an extension of usool al deen and understanding held by the sahabah r.a

what is wrong is = understanding held by "my" imam is only correct understanding AND no one else has any right to differ with that understanding and anyone who is upon a different understanding is wrong

then sheikh hamid kamal uddeen criticizes the mutashaddid behavior seen in the subcontinent, this behavior being disregarding those who differ and extending this conflict beyond mere discussion towards enmity.

then sheikh suggests and calls for the people of sunnah to stand united and not bicker inbetween themselves and make a collective front of ahlu sunnah wal jama against (implicit) those who are not from ahlu sunnah being the rafeda and the likes