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Would this still be considered khulwah?

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    Default Would this still be considered khulwah?

    Assalamu alaykum,

    Scenario: A woman is living in Saudi Arabia alone and must work to support herself. She does not have the option to walk to work. Obviously, she can't drive, so what are her halal options?

    According to all the fatwas I read in IslamQA (#1, #2, #3, #4) a woman riding in a car alone with one male non-mahram driver is considered khulwah.

    I've read the following explanation of khulwah (cited in IslamQA):

    The guideline regarding khulwah is that this prohibition applies in any situation where their figures are hidden from other people (Fath al-Baari, 9/333).

    What is meant by the kind of khulwah that is haraam is not only a man being alone with a non-mahram woman in a room where no one can see them, rather it includes their being alone in any place where they can converse with one another, even if that is where others can see them but not hear them, and whether that is in the open air, in a car, on the roof of a house, or wherever. Khulwah is forbidden because it is the forerunner of zina (adultery, fornication) and the means that leads to zina. Every case that is like this comes under the same rulings as khulwah in the sense of being away from where people can see you. (Fataawa al-Lajnahal-Daaimah, 17/57)
    So, my question is: Would it still be khulwah if she had a large vehicle customized in a way so that the front and back compartments are completely separated from each other, making it impossible for the driver and back passenger to touch, see, or hear each other while inside? Kind of like how limos are designed? Would this be permissible or still haram khulwah?

    If it is permissible, then that answers my question.

    If it is not, then would she be required to hire two males so that there are three people in the car and not just one male and one female? (Two males because if she hires one male driver and a female to be the third, then when she gets dropped off at work the male driver and the female would be left alone in the car).
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    Default Re: Would this still be considered khulwah?

    walaikum assalam

    this is why i don't understand why they do not allow women to drive themselves and by the way i think that fatwa site also says woman cannot live alone.

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