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30 second Dawah

This is a discussion on 30 second Dawah within the Identity, Activism and Unity forums, part of the Main Topics category; assalamu alaykum wr wb Where I live various bible missionaries groups are very active and I get door-knocked once or ...

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    Default 30 second Dawah

    assalamu alaykum wr wb

    Where I live various bible missionaries groups are very active and I get door-knocked once or twice a month plus the shopping centre and main street often sees them active. And this in turn inspires the odd kafir in the street to also advise me that Jesus loves me etc.

    In these circumstances one only gets a 30 second window to make a statement before they shut up shop & lock down their minds.

    So what do my brothers think is the best use of this 30 second window to get something inside their head before the shutters come down?

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    Good question.

    Expose their bad manners, in front of as many people as possible. For example I had someone more or less forcing me to take her literature- although I did not want it I took it even though it went straight to my recycling bin- before she went away I tried to give her something to see if she would reciprocate the good will gesture. Ofcourse she didnt, and then her bad manners were exposed in the way she was amusingly trying to make excuses as to why she couldnt take the flier- she didnt know the content, what it was about (a conference), when it was etc but she kept saying she was busy; this made HER feel uncomfortable rather than me, and I havent seen her or her cronies since.

    Also, it would be nice if you could quote something from the bible to prove its contradictory nature.
    Once some guy was preaching on a corner, and he had a decentish crowd of people gather around him. He was talking about how Isa as 'died for our sins', and I asked a fairly simple question- wheres the incentive to do any good if Jesus died for my sins? wheres the justice and accountability in your religion? When he came out with his nonsense responses people laughed at him and walked away.

    Always maintain your cool.

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    ISLAM erklärt in 30 sekunden ...your thread titled reminded me of this video which is in german. It is basicly a 30 second crash course on Islam .. i translated it for you. May you convince many people with it and let me share with you in those good deeds.

    Islam is we believe in One God. This God is the Almighty Creator, Ruler and Sovereign of the whole universe. It is He who has created humankind so that they may serve Him. He sent down messengers and books. Who ever believes in the messengers and follows the books will enter paradise and who does not will enter hellfire. The last messenger was Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. He was entrusted with the book Quran. You must believe in the Quran since it is the last message of the Almighty God. If you believe its message you will enter paradise if you reject you will be thrown into the hellfire.
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    Default Re: 30 second Dawah

    "I have never killed a man, but I have read many obituaries with great pleasure." - Clarence Darrow

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