As Salam Elekum wr wb
I have written an article on my blog on ignorant and erroneous approach to dawah on internet, Role of Laymen and how to correct that

I have discussed the following points:

1)Significance of Dawah(i.e.enjoining and forbidding Evil)
2) Dawah an individual obligation?
3) How this hadith: Convey from me, even if it is one verse should beunderstood?
4) Our approach for Dawah
5) Characteristics of a Daee.
6) The prohibition of engaging in Dawah without knowledge.
7) Ruling for laymen on reading other religious scripture
8) Ruling on laymen for studying Philosophy
9)Claiming scientific miracles in Quran

Project Dawah: Consequence of Ignorant Dawah and Role of Laymen in Dawah