Muslims: Weep
Madkhalis, Munafiqeen, Murtadeen: Rejoice

These 'Chechens' were gunned down in innocent cold blood. Suspision was because they were not Pakistani! This 'Chechen' woman is 7 months pregnant, holding up a peace sign and gets blown to peaces. This truly is a sickening event, I feel physically sick by it. This is what the 'War on Terror' leads too! I put 'Chechens' in brackets as they could just be from central Asia but are refered to as such. May Allah acept them in Jannah and all of us too.
Chechen died of bullet wounds: autopsy -

Heres the actual link :

YouTube - ‪Five Chechens suspected militants killed in Quetta (3 women and 2 men) 17 May 2011‬

(And too think that some think out of touch utopianists who thrive in the west but run away from Muslim lands believe that that the Pakistani Army would support a Khilafah, just pure delusional )