Critics blast Egyptian cleric's fatwa against anti-Morsi protesters

Sheikh Hashem Islam, a member of the Fatwas (religious edicts) Committee of Egypt's highest Islamic authority, Al-Azhar, has preached that confronting those who plan to hit the streets 24 August to protest against the Muslim Brotherhood and President Mohamed Morsi may not be punishable.

"This is a revolution that starkly goes against democracy and freedom," he said during a forum held at the Egyptian Diplomatic Club late Tuesday.

"Who wants to join the 24 August uprising will be against the 25 January Revolution These people would be committing high treason against their nation, God, his prophet and Muslims."

"So, I say stand up against them. If they fight you, fight them back if they kill some of you, the victims will go to heaven, and if you kill them, that would be righteous."

Some of the attendees allegedly voiced disgruntlement with his statements, which they deemed inflammatory.

Former liberal MP Mohamed Abu-Hamed, along with other anti-Brotherhood supporters of TV presenter Tawfiq Okasha, who is wanted on charges of incitement to murder the president on air, primarily called for this month's protests, to protest against president Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.

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