How Do Jihadis Imagine Their Emir?

May 1, 2009, 2:47 PM
Posted by CBS News Investigates

Despite confirmation by the Iraqi defense ministry, members of militant Islamist Internet forums are in denial over news about the arrest of the leader of the al Qaeda-led Islamic State of Iraq. Abu Omar al Baghdadi.

There are many on the online forums who seem certain that al Baghdadi hasnt been arrested and recall the number of times when false reports emerged about his arrest or killing in th epast.

The picture of al Baghdadi unveiled by Iraqi military spokesperson Major General Qassim Atta at a press conference in Baghdad on Tuesday has aroused their suspicions even more, as it doesnt seem to fit the image they had in their minds of what their emir (prince) should look like.

Is this his picture?! This picture only proves theyre lying! one member said. Another added This guy in the picture here, just from his looks, he couldnt even lift a Kalashnikov up, Im telling ya! Al Baghdadi is over 60. Theres no way this man is over 60, said a third member.

Since many seem persuaded that the man that was arrested couldnt be al Baghdadi, theres anticipation for the next audio statement by al Baghdadi. Members urged al Furqan media to speed up its release.
Source : Internet Terror Monitor -