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Sighting of Moon in other country

This is a discussion on Sighting of Moon in other country within the Global Affairs forums, part of the Main Topics category; There are three opinions when it comes to the moon sighting Everyone fast together Everyone fast with there country everyone ...

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    Default Re: Sighting of Moon in other country

    There are three opinions when it comes to the moon sighting
    Everyone fast together
    Everyone fast with there country
    everyone fast with the countriies that share the time zone or share most of the night

    Just follow your local masjid and make things easier for u inshaAllah.

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    Default Re: Sighting of Moon in other country

    nevermind i just seen what the website said.

    phew man i was about to have a heart attack lol.

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    Default Re: Sighting of Moon in other country

    Another Ramadhaan, another discussion about moon-sighting lol.
    أَوَمَن كَانَ مَيْتًا فَأَحْيَيْنَاهُ وَجَعَلْنَا لَهُ نُورًا يَمْشِي بِهِ فِي النَّاسِ كَمَن مَّثَلُهُ فِي الظُّلُمَاتِ لَيْسَ بِخَارِجٍ مِّنْهَا كَذَٰلِكَ زُيِّنَ لِلْكَافِرِينَ مَا كَانُوا يَعْمَلُونَ

    {“And is one who was dead and We gave him life and made for him light by which to walk among the people like one who is in darkness, never to emerge therefrom? Thus it has been made pleasing to the disbelievers that which they were doing.’”}

    Al-An'aam 122

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    lol We knew it was coming. But I Aboo Mohammed shouldn't be blamed for this one, as he was really confused. A lot of people make it a big issue for no reason, and that's what really ticks me off. Especially the ones who try to fast on a different day on purpose and create disunity among the community.
    الإمام ابن القيم الجوزية رحمه الله فقال: بل الدين كله هو الخلق، فمن زاد عليك في الخلق، فقد زاد عليك في الدين
    مدارج السالكين ج2 ص

    Imam Ibn Al-Qayyim Al-Jawziyyah رحمه الله said: Religion consists entirely of good character (الدين كله هو الخلق). Whoever surpasses you in good character surpasses you in religion.
    اللهم يا مقلب القلوب ثبت قلوبنا على دينك

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    Aboo Muhammad (31st July 2011)

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    Default Re: Sighting of Moon in other country

    i remeber reading last year a about a TJ brother punching another brother in the face over moon sightings.

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    Default Re: Sighting of Moon in other country

    Quote Originally Posted by Abu Idris Al-Albani View Post
    Hmmmm, interesting. I always wondered, most of the time we only look at the calender for Ramadan. Why don't we do every single month by the calender? Interesting.
    They have people in USA sighting the moon for ever month also, Chicago Hilal | promoting the sunnah of moon sighting for over 30 years

    To them, July 31 = 29th of Shaban

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    Default Re: Sighting of Moon in other country

    Salaam Alaikum.

    I can't understand how anything about different "Countries"(as in multiple nations with separate governments) would have anything to do with a ruling of Islamic Shari'a(Except in the concept of "Countries" being a bid'a).

    Now I can understand how a ruling could be related to different lands, towns etc... and how some scholars might argue that something like the Begining and End of Ramadan is different for different places... but if so, there should also be differences between two distant towns within such a "Country", and such scholars should also provide evidence from the shari'a which shows or suggests the maximum distance(or condition) between two places(cities, towns etc..) which allows both to just accept moon sightings of the other.

    So far I haven't seen any evidence from such scholars. They just say "muslims living in different countries should..." and they appear to mean "muslims living under different governments should..." as if living under different governments by choice is recognized and allowed in Islam and as if there are divine rulings describing how to continue living like that.
    and they seem ignorant that Islam only recognizes only One Nation of Muslims no matter which land they live in and allows only one Khalifa for all Muslims(at any given time).

    If I am not mistaken, even in the past, all Muslims informed each other and spread the news of new moon sightings, to the best of their ability as distant as they could and the witness of one Muslim was enough even if he came from out of the city.
    And as far as I know, anyone who received the news in time would follow.
    Last edited by ArcSine; 1st August 2011 at 06:20 PM.
    A FIRST step toward Khilafah could be making people AWARE.
    Probably more than half the Muslims in the world don't even know that having a KHALEEFA is a MUST.

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