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The BNPs "The Truth About Islam" Leaflet

This is a discussion on The BNPs "The Truth About Islam" Leaflet within the Global Affairs forums, part of the Main Topics category; Document located here . The Truth About Islam “You need to look at the KORAN. Don’t believe what the papers ...

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    Default The BNPs "The Truth About Islam" Leaflet

    Document located here.

    The Truth About Islam

    “You need to look at the KORAN. Don’t believe what the papers say about Islam being a peace loving religion… Believe us, Islam is the biggest threat Britain has ever faced – Read the Koran and you’ll find out the truth“ - Nick Griffin (AUDIO)


    Molestation of Women

    Tony Blair, Iain Duncan-Smith, the BBC and various top church leaders have all told us in recent weeks that Islam is a ‘peaceful’ religion - just Christianity with a towel on its head. Well, they’re all LYING! To find out what Islam really stands for, all you have to do is to look at a copy of the Koran, and see for yourself that the shocking quotes from this supposedly ‘Holy’ Book, which are reproduced word-for-word in this leaflet, are all 100% accurate.
    We’re not making anything up. All the proof you need is in the Koran; Islam really does stand for intolerance, Slaughter, Looting, Arson and Molestation of Women. This isn’t the verdict of white ‘racists’, the acronym is widely used in India, where the genuinely peaceful Hindu community have been the victims of brutal Islamic rule and murderous ethnic cleansing attacks for centuries. That’s why, in Britain today, many Hindus and Sikhs (ordinary people, not their ‘community leaders’ who know they have to keep their mouths shut to get Lottery grants and knighthoods) are among those warning about the fundamentally aggressive nature of Islam.
    Among the native British majority, no one dares to tell the truth about Islam and the way it threatens our democracy, traditional freedoms and identity - except for the British National Party. So angry are the old parties about our willingness to stand up and tell the truth that they are about to rush new repressive ‘laws’ through Parliament to make exposing the evils of Islam an imprisonable offence. The facts you are reading in this leaflet will soon be ‘illegal’ - so read on while you can.

    “Muslim extremists plan to turn Britain into an Islamic Republic by 2025, using a combination of immigration, high birthrates and conversion. They must be stopped!” - Conclusion of a leaflet circulated by Hindu and Sikh activists in Southall, West London, warning of the threat posed to other communities by Islam



    "Islam is a peaceful religion. The Koran says ‘Whoever kills a soul is like one who has killed the whole of Mankind.’ Islam means ‘Peace’ and the Koran condemns murder.”

    That’s what Tony Blair, Iain Duncan-Smith and dozens of media commentators keep telling us, isn’t it? Well, are you surprised to learn that they’re all lying?

    ‘Islam’ doesn’t mean ‘Peace’, it means ‘Submission’ – submission both of Muslims to the Will of Allah, and of ‘Unbelievers’ to Islamic rule throughout the world.

    Blair’s favourite ‘quote’ from the Koran is a Politically Correct forgery. Just look at what Surah 5. Ayat 32 actually says:

    " … whoever kills a soul, not in retaliation for a soul or corruption in the land, is like one who has killed the whole of mankind."

    So, far from killing never being allowed, it is permitted under the law of “an eye for an eye” in the case of murder, or in the case of “corruption in the land.”

    The very next Ayat continues, explaining how the enemies of Allah (who include all Unbelievers) must be treated:

    "Indeed, the punishment of those who fight Allah and His Messenger and go around corrupting the land is to be killed, crucified, have their hands and feet cut off on opposite sides, or to be banished from the land. That is a disgrace for them in this life, and in the life to come theirs will be a terrible punishment."

    Tony Blair: Lying about the Koran to con the British people

    BNP Chairman Nick Griffin: Telling the truth about the Islamic threat to our freedom

    So while the Koran teaches its followers to respect the sanctity of life of other good Muslims, those who “fight Allah and his Messenger (i.e. Muhammad)” should be killed and mutilated or banished. Strange that Tony Blair never mentions that bit!

    And if innocent individuals get in the way, that’s just tough:

    Surah 27, Ayat 48 "And there were in the city nine individuals, who worked corruption in the land and did not set things right....."

    50. "They schemed a scheme and We schemed a scheme, while they were unaware."

    51. "See then what was the outcome of their scheming: We destroyed them together with all their people."

    52. "Their houses are in ruin, on account of their wrongdoing."

    Sounds just like New York, doesn’t it?

    There are some references to Unbelievers which advise toleration and state that an individual’s religious belief, or lack of it, is a personal matter between them and Allah. But these pluralist passages are heavily outnumbered by calls for vicious attacks on ‘Kafirs’, as they call Unbelievers, typified by S.9.123:

    "Fight those of the unbelievers who are near to you and let them see how harsh you can be."

    The Koran is full of sadistic descriptions of the fate that awaits the Unbelievers (which includes Christians and Jews) in Hell. S.22.19 is typical:

    "So the unbelievers, garments of fire shall be cut up and over their heads boiling water shall be poured;"

    20. "Whereby whatever is in their bellies and in their skins shall be melted."

    21. "And for them are iron rods (which, the helpful footnote in our edition explains, are “To beat their heads with.”)"

    Nor is this vision of a riot in Bradford just a matter of damnation in the next world. The Koran also includes frequent exhortations to the Muslim Faithful to fight against the unbelievers in the here and now. Surah 9 provides some good examples:

    38. "O believers, what is the matter with you? If you are told: “March forth in the Way of Allah,” you cling heavily to the ground. Are you satisfied with the present life rather than the Hereafter…."

    39. "If you do not march forth, He will inflict a very painful punishment on you…"

    41. "Charge forth, on foot or mounted, and struggle with your possessions and yourselves in the Way of Allah."

    The message is reinforced time and time again. There’s S.9.29: "Fight those among the People of the Book …. who do not profess the true religion (i.e. Jews and Christians), till they pay the poll-tax out of hand and submissively."

    or S.60.4:

    "You have had a good example in Abraham and those with him, when they said to their people: “We are quit of you and what you worship apart from Allah. We disbelieve in you. Enmity and hatred have arisen between you and us forever, till you believe in Allah alone.”

    Nor is it just a matter of ‘hatred’ in spirit. The Koran recommends it in the highly practical form of ethno religious cleansing as well:

    S.14.13 & 14: "Then their Lord revealed to them: “We shall destroy the wrongdoers (who refused to accept Allah). And We will make you dwell in the land after them."

    S.33.60: "If the hypocrites, those in whose hearts is a sickness and those who spread lies in the city, do not desist, We will certainly urge you against them and then they will not dwell with you therein as neighbours but for a short time."

    The same theme runs through parts of Surah 33, with the addition of a promise to faithful Muslims of more countries coming under their sway in the future:

    27. "And he bequeathed to you their lands, their homes and their possessions, together with land you have never trodden."

    It’s quite likely that many members of the Muslim community, having come to regard non-Muslims as friends and to grow fond of their adopted country, may be inclined to shut all this bigoted nonsense out of their minds. But when they – or their often alienated children – read the Koran, they find passage after passage warning them against taking unbelievers as friends and against the tolerance needed to keep the peace in a democratic, secular state:

    S.2.216 "You are enjoined to fight, though it is something you dislike ….217. Fighting (in the Holy Month) is a great sin; but to debar people from Allah’s sacred Way and to deny him and the sacred Mosque, and to drive people out of it is a greater sin in Allah’s sight. Sedition (idolatry and the corruption of Muslims) is worse than murder."

    If those who interpret the Koran literally (as all good Muslims should, though many – fortunately for them and us alike – do not) were to start putting all this bloodthirsty advice into practice as soon as they first arrived in a new country, the natives would probably wake up and smell the burning coffee. But Allah is described repeatedly in His book as a “schemer,” and S.4.101 advises His people to follow His example in order to keep the opposition off guard until it is too late:

    And when you journey in the land, you are not at fault if you shorten the prayer for fear that the unbelievers will harm you. The unbelievers are your manifest enemies.

    But that advice is only applicable when the Muslims are too few to stand a chance of winning the fight which the Koran stresses is their religious duty. Once their numbers increase, they are ordered in S.8.65 to go on the offensive:

    "O Prophet, urge the believers to fight. If there are twenty steadfast men among you, they will defeat two hundred; and if there are a hundred they will defeat a thousand of the unbelievers, because they are a people who do not understand."

    Is this ten per cent rule just a forgotten verse in a dusty book? The answer may perhaps be seen in places like Burnley and Oldham. The soft-hearted reader may object that ‘moderate’ Muslims tend to pick and choose to follow the few tolerant verses rather than obeying the overall aggressive and intolerant tone of the Koran. No doubt many do, but they are warned against such Western-style tolerance in no uncertain terms in S.2.85:

    "Do you, then, believe in one part of the Book and disbelieve in another? The reward of those among you who do that is nothing but disgrace in this world, and on the Day of Resurrection they shall be turned over to the most severe punishment."

    At a well-publicised meeting in Downing Street with self appointed Muslim community leaders, Tony Blair claimed that “there is no contradiction between being a Muslim and being a British citizen.”

    For the average Westernised Muslim who goes along with the family religion without giving it much thought this may well be the case. But for any good Muslim, who reads the Koran and accepts its claims to be the literal word of Allah, this is another Blair lie. The Koran orders Muslims not to obey unbelievers, which is why fundamentalists reject any form of government which is not a strict theocracy run by Muslim clerics.

    S.3.149 "O believers, if you obey the unbelievers, they will turn you upon your heels" (“thus,” says the commentary, “turning you back from your true religion”)

    S.25.52 "So, do not obey the unbelievers and strive against them with it (the Koran) mightily."

    None of this should be held against ordinary Muslims, many of whom are not much more ‘Muslim’ than Britain is ‘Christian.’ Any hostility directed to them can only drive them into the arms of the fundamentalists. But it should be held against our own ‘Great and Good’, the fools and knaves who decided to include a hefty dose of Islam in their witches’ brew of multiculturalism. And an understanding of what the Koran really says – as opposed to what the serial liar Tony Blair tells us it says – should lead anyone with an ounce of commonsense to realise that a growing Muslim population is a recipe for communal strife.

    This is particularly true in a country where Political Correctness prevents the Establishment from closing the gates to the immigration flood, taking steps to reverse the tide, and saying to a minority which sees expansion and domination as its religious duty : “Mend your ways, cut your birthrate and keep yourselves to yourselves – or get out!”

    All quotations are from An interpretation of the QUR’AN. English translations of the meanings. Translated by Prof. Majid Fakhry. Approved by Al- Azhar University. Garnet Publishing Ltd. 2000. ISBN 1 85946 161 X

    LOOTING, ARSON and MOLESTATION – it’s all in the Koran!

    The Koran repeatedly refers with approval to the taking of ‘booty’ from conquered infidels or ‘kafirs’. See for example S.8.69, S.33,19 and S.33.27. S.48.20 is perhaps the most blatant: “Allah has promised you many spoils.” S.8.41 instructs that one-fifth of such loot must be given to Allah via his earthly representatives, but the rest belongs to those who seize it.

    As we’ve already seen, the Koran is packed with sadistic descriptions of how Unbelievers will burn forever in the fires of Hell, and fire has been used against non-Muslims and their property from the earliest times. When the conquering Muslim army arrived in Egypt, the general in charge did not know what to do with the huge library at Alexandria, the greatest in the ancient world. He sent a message to Caliph Umar, Muhammed’s successor, who replied: “If these writings of the Greeks agree with the book of Allah, they are useless and do not need to be preserved. If they disagree, they are pernicious and ought to be destroyed.” The great library was therefore burnt to the ground, settling for all time the way Muslims deal with centres of infidel learning and religion. During communal riots in India (in which around three million Hindus have been murdered by their ‘peace-loving’ Muslim neighbours since 1947) it is common practice for Muslim mobs to trap their victims inside buildings and then set them alight, hoping to burn them alive. The same was done during the Islamic revolution in Iran, where Muslim mobs chanted “purification by fire” as they burnt down cinemas and brothels. The ‘justification’ for trapping people in burning buildings is found in S.22.22: “And every time they want to get out of it (the fire) they are brought back into it. And it is said to them: ‘Taste the agony of burning’.” Here we see the source of the vicious mentality which, during this summer’s anti-kafir violence in Bradford, led rioting Muslims to block the fire doors of a local Labour Club with burning cars.

    Strict Muslims don’t just force their women to go around in sweltering heat covered from head to foot in black cloth. In countries such as Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia, women are not even allowed to drive. And British women living in heavily Muslim areas know all about the hostile comments and assaults they too have to endure for wearing T-shirts or short skirts in summer. But less well-known is the way in which the Koran states that women are worth less than men and must inherit less than the males in a family. The crude, sexually exploitative attitude of Islam to women is summed up in s.2.223: “Your women are a tillage for you. So get to your tillage whenever you like.” Even worse are verses such as S.4.24, which give Muslims the right to rape women who “your right hands possess” - those captured in battle. S.33.50 confirms that Muslims are allowed to have sex ‘only’ with their wives (up to four each) and “what your right hand owns out of the spoils of war.” The mass rapes suffered by thousands of Hindu and Sikh women during religious riots and wars in Pakistan show that ‘good’ Muslims still take this ‘Divine’ permission all too literally.

    This problem is not a matter of race. In the last few years those Muslims oppressing and

    murdering ‘infidels’ and women have included Arabs, Pakistanis, black Nigerians and white Bosnians. And their victims are of all races too. Nor are all Muslims to blame. Many have little or no understanding of the evil side of their religion. Of those who do, some risk their lives to turn against it, while millions of others remain the victims of the rule of the Mullahs.

    Some moderate Muslims recognise the urgent need to reinterpret their faith to make it compatible with the modern world, in the same way that Christians no longer go around killing witches as instructed in the Bible. But unless and until Islam is moderated in this way, it remains a menace to freedom, democracy and peace; not just in far-off countries, but on the streets of Britain, where its followers already make up probably the largest single religious group. Tony Blair says there is no war against Islam. That is true, but there is a war against the West. And it is being fought, not just with terrorist outrages but in every schoolroom where non-Muslim children are forced to learn how wonderful Islam is supposed to be, and in every Labour or Lib-Dem council which builds five bedroomed houses for Muslims while British council tenants can’t even get essential repairs done.

    It’s a war in which the weapons of the enemy are immigration, high birthrates, and the old political parties. A war in which the only response that can do any good is to organise a new political party - one which will stop immigration and ensure that the British remain the majority and take back control of our own country - the British National Party! Join our Crusade!

    Printed & published by the BNP Campaign Against Islam, PO Box 287, Waltham Cross, Herts, EN8 8ZU


    Britain's home grown terrorists
    An open letter to Britain's Muslim leader
    Don’t get mad - Get even.
    “Islam – a threat to us all”

    A sop to Islamics

    The size of the threat to Britain
    The State Lie Machine kicks into action.
    Madness from the media's ivory tower
    "It's only a tiny minority" - or is it?
    “Asians” in Britain: A personal message from the BNP’s webeditor, Steve Blake
    Media coverage of the terror bombs
    BNP leader on radio 4

    The root of the problem
    A pack of Islamic lies
    Islam/Koran: The Root of the Problem

    “You need to look at the KORAN. Don’t believe what the papers say about Islam being a peace loving religion… Believe us, Islam is the biggest threat Britain has ever faced – Read the Koran and you’ll find out the truth“ - Nick Griffin (AUDIO)

    Islam is the menace
    Two suspects held over murder of van Gogh

    A double challenge to the Muslim council of Britain
    Islamic terror - number one concern
    Islamic Awareness Week is launched.
    Islamic lessons for primary schools

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    In addition to this, on Monday 22nd November 2004, the BNP produced a 75min audio track lecture with Sikhs and Hindus, targetting Islam, called "Islam - a threat to us all". The lecture features Nick Griffin, Simon Darby, Rajinder Singh (here, here, here and here) and an unidentified Hindu.

    This is the news aritcle and lecture:

    Islamic Awareness Week- Our Contribution
    24th November 2004

    Monday 22nd November marked the beginning in Britain of an officially sponsored "Islamic Awareness Week." In schools, colleges and local newspapers up and down the country, this is being used as the opportunity for a fresh wave of pro-Islamic propaganda. Much of this takes its cue from Tony Blair's well-known lie that "Islam is a religion of peace".

    The truth is much more complicated. Certain strands of Islam have in the past indeed been more 'peaceful' than have some other major religions or ideologies. Others, however - and particularly the radical, fundamentalist strands that gained strength and influence throughout the last century, and which dominate the British-based mosques founded with the help of Saudi Arabian, Wahhabi sect money - have no time for peace at all. They don't even want a piece of the world; they want the whole lot - including our Britain.

    Joint effort by BNP, Sikhs and Hindus

    In order to provide a counter-balance to this week's pro-Islamic propaganda drive, we are pleased to put online sound files from a tape first produced several years ago by the British National Party, in conjunction with several Sikhs and Hindus. Distributed under the title "Islam - a threat to us all", this was withdrawn in the confusion that followed the apparent passing of a law turning legitimate and rational criticism of aspects of Islam into a serious criminal offence.

    It has since emerged that this law is in fact still not on the statute books, which is why - although Blair, Blunkett, Howard and all the other Establishment dhimmis may not like it - we are able for at least a few more months to distribute this powerful expose of "the fastest growing religion in Britain today."

    Not Islamophobes

    We have nothing against Islam - in Islamic countries. We are not 'Islamophobes' - that is surely a title that must be reserved for the likes of Bush and Blair and their Zionist paymasters, who are so opposed to Islamic values that they have gladly killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqi women and children in their bid to 'democratise', or in other words, de-Islamify, first Iraq and in due course Iran and Syria and then the whole of the Middle East.

    No, we are not against Islam, we are simply against the creeping Islamification of Britain. Listening to these files will help you to appreciate why.

    The 75min audio track has had to be broken into small chunks for ease of downloading.
    They are all in MP3 format which you can play back using Windows Media Player or Real Player.

    "Islam - a threat to us all"

    Track 1 9.4 Mb
    Track 2 10.1 Mb
    Track 3 9.3 Mb
    Track 4 7.8 Mb
    Track 5 7.9 Mb
    Track 6 13.3 Mb
    Track 7 8.0 Mb
    You can also listen to it here.

    Here are some images they used:

    And some others.


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    Nick Griffin obviously was picking his nose during Sunday school and bible class.
    Deeds are your money on the day of judgement , make sure you collect plenty now.

    Say (O Muhammad SAW):"I am not a new thing among the Messengers (of Allâh) (i.e. I am not the first Messenger) nor do I know what will be done with me or with you. I only follow that which is revealed to me, and I am but a plain warner." (Al-Ahqaf 46:9)

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    It's so funny to read the ornate, King James-esque English of the Qur'an translation next to the 'stoopid' rhetoric of the BNP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by muhaqiq View Post
    It's so funny to read the ornate, King James-esque English of the Qur'an translation next to the 'stoopid' rhetoric of the BNP.
    All quotations are from: 'An Interpretation of the Qur'an. English Translations of the Meanings.' Translated by Prof. Majid Fakhry. Approved by Al- Azhar University. Garnet Publishing Ltd. 2000. ISBN 1 85946 161 X

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    More BNP propaganda...

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    What's funny is that Britain is really leaning towards atheism, and church and chapel is something seen as culture.
    Deeds are your money on the day of judgement , make sure you collect plenty now.

    Say (O Muhammad SAW):"I am not a new thing among the Messengers (of Allâh) (i.e. I am not the first Messenger) nor do I know what will be done with me or with you. I only follow that which is revealed to me, and I am but a plain warner." (Al-Ahqaf 46:9)

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    sadly there are very few practicing christians in the u.k the churches are full of old folks and many of them are being converted into mosques LOL (not the old folks but the churches)
    Allah is the only law giver

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    what do you expect.The kaffirs will never be happy with you.I don't mind the BNP as they make their hatred known in the open.It is these other sly kuffar who are the problem.The ones who call for interfaith dialogs and moderate Islam are the threat.

    LOL @ Britian is Christian.The average English man would probably attend church 3 times in his life.

    When he is born
    When he gets Married
    When he dies

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