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Turkish Mafia threatened Israel

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    Default Turkish Mafia threatened Israel


    As Salaamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullah,

    Latest news coming from friends in Turkey. It appears that this is all over the news in Turkey.

    A Turlish criminal outfit has threatened Israel because of the conflict between the two countries.

    06.09.2011 14:05
    Is the leader of criminal organization allegedly lying Alaattin Cakici Kandira F-type prison, wrote a letter to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

    The leader of criminal organization allegedly lying Alaattin Cakici Kandira F-type prison, wrote a letter to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

    Piler, a letter states that disregard international law and humanity, the enemy of Allah is the innocent people of that state said katlederlerse, he said the government will not a difference in the terrorist organization. In a letter to Prime Minister of Israel lived in the process of becoming the first date on which the state of Israel as the number of examples Cakici, has made the following statements: "Mr. Prime Minister, the first major katliamınızı practiced in the village of Deir Yassin. More uzatmayayım oppressed, when the owner of the power is more than just a tolerant . For some reason a lot of your self interest Kabala'yla justice that do not appear to touch on it deleted. Hitler has destroyed your insanınızı. I quickly forgot. noble friendship of the Turkish nation has always been you. Arab brothers turned your back for 58 years. You still between the Euphrates and the Nile vazgeemiyorsunuz kurgunuzdan. "

    Utopia is a state of reverie about mzminleşmiş Cakici, the letter continued: "You know an apology from Egypt. Blue Sea of ​​Marmara was everyone doing in international waters. Deceased 9 lives and a friendship based on the past states, dog-minded states, vile creatures who wish dilemez apology true. Egypt to honor defending the policy at any time forgot? Mr. Prime Minister, the Turkish nation and the State of confused with someone. This period was marked by the history of each state. Last Castle yıkmayın apology. sorry thou that Jehovah will send you to hell abandon arrogance and rage. opponents Do not kill children. to take revenge on enemies as you kill the innocent people. "

    The letter introducing himself Prime Minister of Israel Cakici, said: "I wonder who I was. Since 2006 the government policy with you and your like-minded Israelis do not like. War, there is a dignity. Human doğrultana weapons squeezes his arms. My name Alaattin Cakici, Turkey ' Everyone also recognizes me. World states in the archives of criminal biography available. States or another state, destroys or makes any line. There are some people directly to God

    depends. Alaattin Cakici Hkmedilemezler just kill it here. My two children sitting in England. One of the businessmen I give you the address of one of the academics. Life that connects me to the most exclusive address for my child I gave you two. Those who did not die and sacrifice for the motherland, son has no right to life. Dignity of our country, this state does not play you all conscious acts, such as a Turkish citizen in a spirit of friendship, the two body but your soul is your friendship is dead. We diyemeyeceğim salutations, a part of people's love of life that accepts all Jewish citizens, no matter where in the world where I forward my best regards. Please consider you and your cabinet's best castle in the Middle East yıkmayınız friendship. "
    This is the source, but dont click on it, there are images of nude women.
    Quote Originally Posted by Abu-Asiya View Post
    I have nothing against salafis. Even some of my friends are salafis.

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    Default Re: Turkish Mafia threatened Israel

    If this threat is for safeguarding Muslims then it is a great deed. Hopefully it is not for the nationalistic reasons. Turkey is doing a great job at the moment. May Allah bless them. Ameen!

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    Default Re: Turkish Mafia threatened Israel

    is it me or did that report make no sense :/

    Since particular members on this forum have lost their sense of being just to all regardless of affiliation, and believe that for some there is no justice, and if you do give justice to those who deserve no justice then you yourself are counted as being one who sides with them, defends them, shows sympathy to them. I therefore, must clarify and make clear that
    i am ANTI-ISIS!
    - now can we please stop whining?

    - For if upon Allah you do rely
    The intrigues of his slaves can bring no pains.

    Syed Qutb (May Allaah accept him)

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    Default Re: Turkish Mafia threatened Israel

    Turkish Mafia Threatens Israel?


    Turkish Mafia Boss to Netanyahi : "If you don't apologise we will smuggle hundreds of cheap eastern european aids infested prostitutes to Tel aviv"


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    Default Re: Turkish Mafia threatened Israel


    That would strenghten israel's ties with Berlusconi..

    Narrated by Ibn Abbas.
    While I was standing amongst the people who were invoking Allah for Umar bin Al-Khattab who was lying (dead) on his bed, a man behind me rested his elbows on my shoulders and said:
    '(O Umar!) May Allah bestow His Mercy on you. I always hoped that Allah will keep you with your two companions, for I often heard Allah's Messenger (sallahu alyhi wa salam) saying, ' I, Abu Bakr and Umar were (somewhere). I, Abu Bakr and Umar set out.'
    So I hoped that Allah will keep you with both of them.'
    I turned back to see the speaker was Ali bin Abi Talib.


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