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Islam feminists urge gender jihad

This is a discussion on Islam feminists urge gender jihad within the Islam in General forums, part of the Main Topics category; Organisers of the first international congress on Islamic feminism are calling for a "gender jihad". Good luck to all ...

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    Default Islam feminists urge gender jihad

    Organisers of the first international congress on Islamic feminism are calling for a "gender jihad".

    Good luck to all the muslim countries if they allow feminism to enter their society, they will experience first hand the corruption, dishonesty, immorality, decay, and feminist hate toward males that the Western countries have been suffering for the past 40 years.*******

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    these are not muslims, only the followers of dajjal will even give them platform

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    "islamic feminism" ??? who is the role model for this movement, hazrat aisha? perhaps its the noblest of women, maryam? or is it as i suspect some "celtic white witch" of pagan wiccan lore?

    adding the word "islamic" to feminism does not make it permissable just as haram food does not become halal by saying "bismillah"

    people are led to believe that feminism in the west is about equal rights for women in a modern world - however if you look closely at its objectives its more about asserting a lifestyle choice*******

    the theory of feminism seeks to bring back ancient customs and traditions where women of a certain class were regarded as "high priestesses" or "white witches" or "phrophetesses" or even "goddesses" is this what*******feminism aspires to?

    just as racism discriminates along racialistic lines so too feminism discriminates on gender, a "gender fascism" rather than "gender jihad"

    and what does "gender jihad" really imply? perhaps it means "holy war against men" and to re-establish matriarchal rule as opposed to patriarchial rule as was revealed (wahy)?

    considering that ALL prophets of GOD were MEN and that ALL khalifahs have to be male and that GOD is reffered to as a HE and not a "she" so how can a "muslim feminist" reconcile her beliefs and cooperate with western feminism and western feminists who are literally are the modern day "white witches" of*******pagan celtic lore?

    women have UNDENIABLE rights (as beffitting their nature) in islam,*******the solution to male chauvinism is*******NOT*******more female chauvinism but a proper islamic education NOT an alliagence with western feminism with all its inherent racism, prejudice and pagan ideals and aspirations.*******


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    feminism is stoopid. it just means making women the same as men. idiots.
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