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Mentally ill Muslims

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    Default Mentally ill Muslims


    Do you think that mental illness is running rampant in many 'islamic' groups today?

    I often feel that some suffer from a condition known as obessesive compulsive disorder, personality defects, and a cult like partisanship.

    For instance, if you sit with a DIY saudi salafi, he will feel compulsed to give a lecture about obeying rulers and attacking qutb.
    Or if you sit in a room with HT, and its a group of brothers just relexing, the HT will feel that this his opportunity to have whats called a 'problem solution' discussion, even though he won;t know the problem or the solution, yet he feels the urge to.

    How can someone recover from this mental illness, how do we save ourslves from depression and its likes.

    I have heard that 1 in 4 people suffer from a mental illness......But i think theres much shame in admiting it.

    I think a common one we face is depression.
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    Mental illness is a disease and muslims suffer from it just as much as anyone else , I know some who have a chemical inbalance in their brains .

    The example you gave above is not a mental illness, its a persons set of beliefs.
    If your convinced of those beliefs then you want to talk about them all the time, because you love them and believe them to be the truth. If those beliefs are not correct, then thats misguidence through a lack of knowledge or from the shaytan.
    Depression or sadness can happen to us all , but there are cures for that , Quran , doing good deeds for others (sure way to put a smile on your face) hanging out with a good friend chatting ,excercise (healthy body healthy mind). If you allow the blues to linger too long without fixing it then one is asking for trouble.
    Deeds are your money on the day of judgement , make sure you collect plenty now.

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    i agree with umm ahmed, and also from what i have seen of people suffering from mental health illnesses, it can be argued very strongly that it was brought on or accelerated due to a LACK of beliefs in any code of life or guidelines, whether that be a religion like islaam, christianity , hinduism etc, or some set principles.
    so when these people r affected by some external factor, they really do not know how to comprehend it or process it or put it in context.
    for example, i as a muslim, if affected by something negative, will (insha allah) see it as maybe a punishment from Allah swt or some test or trial and insha allah will not lose hope or set into despair or whatever, i know how to deal with it and put it into conext and not lose hope..........well thats the ideal scenario insha allah.......

    so lack of beliefs or principles can be a catalyst for depression or some other form of mental illness.

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    wa 'alaikum as-salaam wa rahmatullah,
    Quote Originally Posted by asharee_salafi View Post
    How can someone recover from this mental illness, how do we save ourslves from depression and its likes.
    Recite the Qur'aan frequently, and ponder upon its verses.

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    As a medical student who is about to graduate--and who has already gone through his psychiatry rotation--I can tell you the following:

    1) Depression does not equal sadness. Depression is a clinical condition of which sadness is only one element, but there are at least six or seven other symptoms of depression which must be present. Sadness is a normal human emotion, whereas depression is an abnormal psychiatric disorder which requires medical attention.

    2) Although it is true that religion can be protective against depression, there is no indication that Islam is particularly protective over and above other faiths.

    3) Muslims get depression at a similar rate as Non-Muslims. In fact, studies have shown that depression is extremely prevalent amongst Muslim females in countries such as Pakistan, much more than in America.

    4) The cure for depression is usually pharmacological in nature; yes, these other things you have mentioned (i.e. reading Quran, smiling, etc) can help, but double-blind clinical studies have proven the effectiveness of anti-depressants.

    5) Unfortunately, many devout Muslims have taken a bull-headed, ignorant, and stubborn approach to the idea of depression. I have even heard from such people that "depression does not happen to practising Muslims" or that "depression is cured by Quran." Yes, the Quran helps and maybe can altogether cure many people, but to insist on this position implies that a patient should abstain from pharmacological treatment and instead opt for Quranic recitation only. At minimum, it devalues the sheer importance of pharmacological treatment. Furthermore, depression very much does happen to RELIGIOUS and DEVOUT Muslims, and I can attest to this as I saw many such cases. I met an Aalimah who was suffering from severe depression, and few would question her religious commitment.

    6) In extreme cases, ECT (Electro Convulsive Therapy) is needed. In extreme cases of depression, a patient will be in a state of stupor, almost non-responsive altogether, etc. In this case, ECT is necessary.

    7) Depression is a very real disease and much awaraness needs to be spread about the disease so that people seek proper psychiatric cure.

    8) In addition to seeking proper medical and psychiatric help, a person should also make sincere du'a to Allah and there are many du'as the scholars have recommended when it comes to depression.
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    It's good to see Muslims who understand depression. Most unfortunately don't have a clue how to deal with someone depressed. Sometimes you get ppl saying: I must admit, I cut myself.

    You then get Muslims saying: Astaghfirullah, bro! That's Haram! You should repent!

    Most probably he already knows its haram, but this isn't exactly what he wants to hear right now... we need to be more sensitive towards each other.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JayshAllah View Post
    The cure for depression is usually pharmacological in nature
    namely monoamine neurotransmitter treatment in the form of... monoamine oxidase inhibitors..TCA's... other reuptake inhibitors... lots of side effects...

    yep... you can tell i had an exam on this recently......
    قد قيل للشيخ عبد القادر الجيلي قدس الله روحه هل كان لله ولي على غير اعتقاد أحمد بن حنبل فقال لا كان ولا يكون (درء التعارض 5/5)و

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    Quote Originally Posted by ibn 'abd al-jabbaar View Post
    namely monoamine neurotransmitter treatment in the form of... monoamine oxidase inhibitors..TCA's... other reuptake inhibitors... lots of side effects...

    yep... you can tell i had an exam on this recently......
    Just went through your psych rotation?

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