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Scholar/Student of Knowledge

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    Default Scholar/Student of Knowledge

    What is the criteria for a person to be classified a Student of knowledge?

    And also, what is the criteria for a student of knowledge to be classified a Scholar?


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    "What is the criteria for a person to be classified a Student of knowledge? "

    The Arabic words "Taalib ul 'Ilmi" or "a student of Knowledge" is widely, and generally used, to refer to anyone seeking ["talab"] knowledge [" 'ilm"] of the Deen.

    It's usage is varied and depends upon context, for example a young boy at his first day at a madrassah is a "student of knowledge".

    The term is also used to imply that a particular student has or is undergoing structured, supervised, study, either by a single scholar or by more than one scholar, and this is the more common meaning applied by the early Muslims.

    It is a term also used to distinguish a level between complete "ignorance" of the principles, sciences and proofs of Islam, and the much higher level of a learned Scholar.

    So as you can see from the above, the term is subjective to the circumstance is which it is applied and cannot be constricted to any particular set of parameters other then the above.

    And Allah knows best.


    Imaam Malik was once asked whether one was safe to follow a ruling related to him by reliable narrators who heard it from companions of the Prophet (peace be upon him). he replied, 'No, by Allah, not unless it is correct: the truth is only one. Can two opposing opinions be simultaneously correct? The opinion which is correct can be only one" [ Jami' Byan al-'Ilm ]

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    Qualifications Of A Mufti

    Barakallah Feekum.

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