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Be just between your children

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    And Al-Bayhaqi narrated from the hadith of Anas who said that, A man was sitting with the Prophet, so one of his sons came to him, so the man kissed him and sat him in his lap. Then his daughter came to him so he took her and sat her to his side. So the Prophet said, You were not just between them. And the Salaf used to like to be just between their children when kissing them.

    And some of the people of knowledge said that Allaah Taaalaa will ask the parent about his child on the Day of Resurrection before asks the child about his parent. So just as the father has a right upon his son, the son has a right upon his father, as Allaah said, And We have enjoined on man to be good and dutiful to his parents [Al- 'Ankabut:8]. Allaah Taaalaa said, Ward off from yourselves and your families a Fire whose fuel is men and stones [At-Tahreem:6].

    Ali bin Abi Taalib said, Teach them and discipline them. And Allaah Taaalaa said, Worship Allaah and join none with Him in worship, and do good to parents [An-Nisaa:36]

    And the Prophet said, Be just between you children. So Allaahs order to the parents towards their children precedes the order to the children towards their parents. Allaah Taaalaa said, And kill not your children for fear of poverty [Al-Israa':31]. So the one who neglects teaching his child that which will benefit him, and leaves him [i.e. the child] in vain, then he has wronged him in the most utmost way. And indeed most childrens corruption came from their parents and their neglect of them and their failure to teach them the obligations of this Religion and its Sunan. They caused the children to be lost while they were young, so they dont benefit themselves or their parents when they grow older just as some fathers criticized their son over his undutifulness so he would say: O father, you were not dutiful to me while I was young, so I was not dutiful to you while you are older; you neglected me while younger so I neglected you as an old man.

    [By: Ibn Al-Qayyim Al-Jawziyyah|Taken from: Tuhfat Al-Mawdood Bi Ahkaam Al-Mawlood, pp 160-161. (Chapter 15: "The Obligation of Disciplining the Children and Teaching Them, and Being Just Between Them")]

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    Although off topic,a 5 days old girl is battling for life & is in need of duas.

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