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Best Places to Pray Taraweeh

This is a discussion on Best Places to Pray Taraweeh within the Living Room forums, part of the Miscellaneous category; As salaam 'alaikum We had a thread like this last year, I thought we could continue this year by suggesting ...

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    Default Best Places to Pray Taraweeh

    As salaam 'alaikum

    We had a thread like this last year, I thought we could continue this year by suggesting good places to pray taraweeh and even post up audio clips of the recitation (If anyone has any), and lastly timings of when taraweeh starts would also be helpful.

    At the moment my favourite place has been Al Muntada which I prayed yesterday, it started about 10.20pm
    I hope to pray there again soon, inshaa Allaah.

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    Default Re: Best Places to Pray Taraweeh

    In Brooklyn, Masjid Al Ansar. We start 'Isha at 9:15pm.

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    Default Re: Best Places to Pray Taraweeh

    At home, women banned from masjids

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    Default Re: Best Places to Pray Taraweeh

    al-Muntada is always good, it has the jaww, but they do start very late.

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    Default Re: Best Places to Pray Taraweeh

    Has anyone been to the Sri lankan masjid in willesden? The afgan imaam has beautiful qira'at

    I would like to go muntada as well as the morrocan westbourne grove masjid iA
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    Default Re: Best Places to Pray Taraweeh

    Here, I am Masjid hopping. My regular masjid has a brother born and raised here with a nice qira'ah and he is proficient in all 7 Qira'aat.

    I been to a couple that have Libyan reciters - pretty powerful

    But my favourite is where I tried going every weekend last year lead by a young brother:

    object width="445" height="364">

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    Default Re: Best Places to Pray Taraweeh

    My pick would be the masjid al haram in Makkah with Masjid al nabawi a close second.
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    Default Re: Best Places to Pray Taraweeh

    In Londonistan: Masjid al noor and one in ladbroke grove *up* Mashallah beautiful recitation

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    Default Re: Best Places to Pray Taraweeh

    my local where the imam ses walazzaaaaaleeen and races against the clock!

    ill upload where i pray tarawih soon inshallah, beautiful place
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    Default Re: Best Places to Pray Taraweeh

    green lane masjid (1st night tarawih 1430)

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