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Request for Du'a

This is a discussion on Request for Du'a within the Living Room forums, part of the Miscellaneous category; At the moment my wife and me are going through a very severe trial. We are still digesting the severity ...

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    Default Request for Du'a

    At the moment my wife and me are going through a very severe trial. We are still digesting the severity of our situation and so I do not want to say more for now. Suffice to say it is the great hardship we have faced in our lives.

    Could the people here remember me (Mohammad) and my wife in their du'a in the coming days and weeks and ask Allah to lessen the severity and length of our trial, to give us all that is good from this situation, to give us tawfeeq, to give us the strength to bear whatever we are faced with and to reject the whispers and suggestion shaytan and the desire of the nafs for the easy way out.

    To Allah we belong and to Allah we return.

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    Default Re: Request for Du'a

    InshaAllah brother, may Allah ease your affairs.

    And He gave you of all that you asked for, and if you count the Blessings of Allah, never will you be able to count them. 14:34

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    Default Re: Request for Du'a

    as-Salaamu 'alaykum

    Insha'Allaah brother, you and your wife are in our prayers. May Allaah make things easy for you all.

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    Default Re: Request for Du'a

    Yes brother I will add you to my prayers InshaAllaah, and always remember after hardship comes ease and this is a test, and I pray you both come through it with sabr and shukr, this is the time you will feel the closest to your rubb.

    May Allaah ease your affairs ameen.
    Deeds are your money on the day of judgement , make sure you collect plenty now.

    Say (O Muhammad SAW):"I am not a new thing among the Messengers (of Allâh) (i.e. I am not the first Messenger) nor do I know what will be done with me or with you. I only follow that which is revealed to me, and I am but a plain warner." (Al-Ahqaf 46:9)

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    Default Re: Request for Du'a

    I ask Allaah to forgive you and your wife, to have mercy on you and your wife, to guide you and your wife and to provide for you and your wife and bring the ease after hardship.

    I'll made the supplication in your absence, as well, in shaa' Allaah, and ask and remind you to do the same for me and others, as du`aa' for your brother is like du`aa' for yourself!
    Aboo 'd-Dardaa reported that the Messenger of Allaah (SallAllaahu Alayh Wa Sallam) said, "The du`aa' of a Muslim for another Muslim in his absence is responded to, as long as he makes du`aa' for goodness and blessings. And the Angels says, "Aameen! And may the same be for you too!"

    - Saheeh Muslim
    Feel free to contact me too via private message if there's anything that you need or require.

    Jazaaka Allaah Khayran
    Abû Hurayrah relates that the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم said: This religion is easy. No one becomes harsh or strict in the religion without it overwhelming him. So, fulfill your duties as best you can and rejoice. Rely upon the efforts of the morning and of the evening and a little at night and you will reach your target.

    Agreed upon: Sahîh al-Bukharî (6463) Sahîh Muslim (2816)

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    Default Re: Request for Du'a

    May Allah the lord of all that exists remove this affliction from you and protect you from further afflictions.Aaaammeeeeeen.

    “And say not concerning that which your tongues put forth falsely: “This is lawful and this is forbidden,” so as to invent lies against Allaah. Verily, those who invent lies against Allaah will never prosper.” [al-Nahl 16:116].

    Syed Qutb (ra) when asked to seek pardon from nasser said
    Verily the index finger that testifies to the oneness of Allah in prayer utterly rejects to write even one letter that endorses the rule of the tyrant

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    Default Re: Request for Du'a

    Quote Originally Posted by a-Maze View Post
    Feel free to contact me too via private message if there's anything that you need or require.
    i second this offer, please feel free to contact me and i will try my best to be of assistance

    may Allah ease your affairs
    Wakee' ibn Jarrah once said, 'The intelligent one is he who understands the ways of Allah, not him who has understood the ways of this world.'

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