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class date

This is a discussion on class date within the Arabic Language forums, part of the Islamic Knowledge category; I would like to participate in the introductory arabic class. However, I do not know what date it started and ...

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    Post class date

    I would like to participate in the introductory arabic class. However, I do not know what date it started and I do not see any recent posts. It say's that the classes start at around 2:30 PM. Is this for the united states?

    today is june 11 2006

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    There are not strict timing for these lessons.

    The teacher will simply put the post up and it is up to the students to interact and learn, as and when the frequent these forums.

    Of course, the more they frequent, the more they will benefit.

    I guess this is one advantage of learning Online.

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    Bismillah walhamdulillah
    asalamu wa alaykum

    It seems as if I would need a lot (arabic keyboard, arabic enabled) to use this section. I was wondering is the MadinahArabic program good for learnign Arabic. I learned some arabic, very basic, then forgot it I guess I could just brush up on my arabic skills using that. Also what about these sites for Arabic: (this site seems to be down for the moment though)
    I ask you: Is there anything better than Tawhid and Tawakkul?

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    Default Virutal Arabic keyboard

    check it out guys

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    Assalamualikum Wa Rahmatullah,

    I just did a quick search and found this on Ebay
    Approx 99p plys 1.20 postage, 6 colour choices stick on Arabic letters. I just order 2 sets. My keyboard is comfortable so I didn't really fancy switching to a cheap Arabic keyboard.

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    Default Programme for Arabic and typing

    I have the following Arabic learning programme (though I have not virtually used it), which includes a typing programme enabling an on-screen Arabic (and other languages) keyboard.

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