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  1. The method of the Islamic philosophers like Imam al-Ghazali and Ibn Rushd were to harmonize reason with the revelation, although they accepted the primacy of the revelation. Their arguments were intended to refute those individuals who used only their reason, or took from philosophy, without the revelation. This was also the purpose of Ilm al-Kalam, the science of debating and refuting these opponents by using proofs of Islam. This is why those whose view of Islam is rigid, limited and stifling, reject Kalam and make allegations against its proponents. Traditional Islam harmonizes philosophy with revelation, making sure the former is compatible and subordinated to the latter. The Qur'an clearly addresses people to use their logic and reason to know His signs (ayat).
  2. According to you, taking from the Sunnah is Shirk too.
  3. Do you really read what you write?

    I tell you what: You are a great scholar and you do not need any help at all since you aquired knowledge and Alhamdullah you reverted (as you say) to enlighten all Muslims!

    Indeed, what Imam Al-Shafie said prove his wisdom in understanding people.

    Thanks. I do not want discuss with you anything as you make no sense and I am comfortable that even the deviated sect will stand against you and never accept you. So enjoy your own invented religion that has no relation to Islam.

    Please do not reply to me and I will delete your posts from my page.

    Allah says: “And servants of (Allah) the Most Gracious are those who walk on the earth in humility, and when the ignorant address them, they say, Peace (Salaam)!”

    So Salaam.
  4. I deleted 2 of them as you have said nothing more than the msg that I kept!!

    Anyhow, could you please tell me how do you pray then since you reject all hadeeth? And can you tell me how do you pay your Zakaat?

    Maybe you are not aware of something but you have just fell into shirk that the Quran warned against! Believe me I can prove you wrong just from the Quran but the problem is that you are indeed a layperson. I will be like an engineering who debate a plumber about engine mechanism!! You will have no idea what I will talk about and what you will say will be like words that are out of earth and unrelevant to the topic.

    You are just reverted to Islam and in couple of months you started to think you know better than muslims who lived through more than 1400 years!! Am I the only one who can see that!!

    To learn: humble yourself and acknowledge the fact that you do not know. Otherwise you will be just arguing and debating in vain.
  5. Are you familiar with the book Dreamer of the Day? It highlights many of these themes and I recently read a chapter which describes their sexual conservatism which you alluded to. In any case, describing the failures of Proudhon, Ernst Junger, Hitler, Ezra Pound and others against the banking system, Shaykh Abdalqadir al-Murabit (Ian Dallas) said it best: "Kufr was the reason for their failure." They had the ideological basis, but all this was terribly incomplete (as with all human endeavors) without the ruhani or spiritual basis guiding it. This can only be attained at its fullest extent with Islam, the final message.
  6. Racialism definitely was idolatry, merely an Aryanized version of Talmudic supremacism as the quote from the Grand Mufti indicated. As for the part about the god-head, then you might be interested in the 1930 debate between Hitler and Otto Strasser, in which the latter defended the idea and saw the leader as subjugated to the idea. If you are interested I can send you some information on this fascinating debate. I really hate and despise what Hitler and his movement did in perverting German traditions to their own ends, as well as their close ties to international occult groups and industrialists. Much of the good they had was stolen from the writings of individuals like Haushofer or Moller van den Bruck, but then later perverted to fit an absurd Nordic racist myth and a narrow-minded German chauvinism.
  7. Yes, they should be viewed as products of their time. Most of the atheist, neo-pagan or materialist trends in Europe can be traced as a direct reaction to Trinitarian Christianity and its stifling clerical dominance (Hellenization of its doctrines, Romanization of its institutions). The two were inseparable: most of the European tribes followed unitarian or gnostic expressions of Christianity; what is now known as Christianity spread due to the intellectual dominance of the Roman Church (which monopolized the knowledge, confiscating and burning all works which ran contrary to their dogma) and the political dominance of the Frankish empire which was blessed by the Church in its brutal subjugation of the Germanic tribes.
  8. Of course there is no love lost. My family bore the brunt of the idiotic Nordicist race theories, in the form of prejudices. My sympathies would have been entirely with the opposition movement, namely the Strasserite/Conservative Revolution movement. So while opposing the Nazi racism and other unsavory aspects of their authoritarian system, I see no reason to apologize for my own German heritage or to kowtow to the Jews. The article was partly to address the effects of pro-Allied propaganda among even Muslims who should know better, and to get modern neo-Nazis to see beyond the anti-Islamic propaganda. But as you alluded, everything occurs with Allah's will. Btw, welcome to Islam; I converted seven years ago and haven't looked back since, al-hamdulillah.
  9. Wa alaikum as Salam. Jazakallah khair, for the comments. He was close to Islam in his struggle against Riba, the banking system and the twin evils of capitalism and bolshevism, but what kept him back was his racial beliefs which like you said seemed to be an "Aryan" version of Talmudic Jewish supremacism. How can one truly fight against an enemy if one adopts their beliefs? This makes their cause doomed to failure. Not only this, but there were also the ties between his movement and shady occultists and industrialists in both Germany and Britain (Aleister Crowley, Krupps, etc.)....
  10. وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته

    My beloved brother,

    Do not worry, I already forgave you as you can note in my reply on the thread.

    Would you allow me to explain to you what you seem to be iether misunderstand or confused about so that we can be on the same page?
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