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  1. Wa Salaam.

    Inshallah let me know the brother's information you can email to the aseerun account (al[DOT]aserun[AT]gmail[DOT]com) or you can pm it to me or leave it as a visitor message, whatever you feel most comfortable with. And I agree with you, sisters should refrain from writing to brothers. There are MANY good brothers in th euK and elsewhere who should be able to take up the responsibility, and it is a responisbility of ours, of writing to and seeing to the needs of this brother, his din most of all.

    ma salaam and Jzk for your concern and attention.
  2. Asalamalykum brother,
    theres a brother who is in serious need of some attention from the muslims ideally very practising ones who are good in the field of dawah, he is in prison in the UK.. I think sisters writing to him would be a major fitnah which is why inshaAllah i wanted to ask you to maybe make a thread about it in the B section or contact a brother personally who you know who can maybe help deal with the situation inshaAllah?
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