12 Children Die During Shirk Ceremony in Aceh Bridge Collapse

Discussion in 'Global Affairs' started by Don YuKon, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. Don YuKon

    Don YuKon New Member

    Isn't Aceh supposed to be the most Islamic province in Indonesia? I was always skeptical of Indonesia being the largest Muslim country while ash Shirk Al Akbar seems to be prevelant part of society there. I've seen shows where Indonesians calling themselves Muslims were praying to some rice god to bring them rain for their rice crops.
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  2. Talib4life

    Talib4life Member

    There are non-muslims living there you know?
    and yes many Muslims all over the world have stuck to cultural practices, I think it's our job to give dawah to these Muslims.
  3. Don YuKon

    Don YuKon New Member

    I know there are non Muslims there, but the government of Aceh says it is 99% Muslim, and the head of the villages name was Muhammad Yusuf. A lot of stuff I've seen on National Geographic from Indonesia has shown so called Muslims committing major shirk, which would take someone out of the fold of Islam, enough so they wouldn't be considered Muslims.

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