Breaking News! 8 American CIA agents killed in Khost

Discussion in 'Global Affairs' started by Naseer08, Dec 31, 2009.

  1. Naseer08

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    Latest news is that the 8 killed in Khost were CIA agents. And it's reported in some news that it was a base for the CIA.

    Insurgents intensified their campaign against military targets and US-led forces in Afghanistan, killing eight US CIA agents at a base and four Canadian servicemen on patrol and a journalist accompanying them.

    US officials said the dead Americans - killed in a suicide bombing on a military base in southeastern Khost province today - were CIA agents.

    It was one of the highest foreign non-military death tolls in the eight-year war against the Islamist Taliban.

    The four Canadians and the journalist from the Calgary Herald were killed when their armoured vehicle was hit by a bomb in southern Kandahar province today, the Canadian Defence Ministry said.

    The base in Khost province, Forward Operating Base Chapman, was engaged in reconstruction projects, a key part of US President Barack Obama's strategy to stabilise the country.

    Some people were wounded in the explosion, defence officials said, but no US or Nato troops were among them.

    Asked whether the suicide blast occurred inside the base, one official said: "That's my understanding." Another senior official confirmed the attack involved an explosive vest.

    US President Barack Obama is sending 30,000 extra troops to Afghanistan in an attempt to stem the violence, with Nato allies also contributing thousands more.

    Washington has pledged a "civilian surge", adding hundreds of US experts to support work on development projects that aim to undermine support for the Taliban and other insurgents.

    CIA deaths in Afghanistan suicide bombing |
  2. hussain

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    So - Al-Hamdulillah - the Amrikan CIA "has got a taste of its own medicine" (as the kaffir saying goes) when over half a dozen of its operatives were killed in a martyrdom operation.

    Such CIA operatives are responsible for providing much of the so-called "intelligence" that is used to target, and murder, our brothers and sisters by such means as un-manned drones.

    Such CIA operatives are also responsible for providing much of the "intelligence" that is used to arrest, humiliate, and imprison our brothers and sisters for the kaffir "crime" of resisting the brutal and bloody kaffir occupation of our Muslim land of Afghanistan.
  3. Scented Blood

    Scented Blood Abu Peanut

    Tis terrible...
  4. Al Bara bin Younus

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    Us and Nato will always remember them!!great loss!!!
  5. goliathvsdavid

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    allahu akbar

    to all those families of the dead, happy new year you dirty kuffar, may allah destroy all Hizb ushaitaan.

    Incidentally I believe this means the taliban have officially taken out over 500 nato troops in 1 year, that's a record
  6. TheTiredOne

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    I read it was 20? According to this it is. Not that it's a bad thing subhan'Allaah :)
  7. pakhtoon

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    I can't believe the western media are labelling these 8 CIA operatives as civillians. They are blatently the terrorist force of the USA chiefly responsible for electricuting, waterboarding, plucking nails and other heinous acts against muslims.

    I hope the family of Afghan officer who took out these pigs is well looked after and any Children, relatives who rely on his support are cared for by the muslims.
  8. at-taqwa

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    The Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan

    Official Press Release:

  9. Boo Boo

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    Civilians??! With the CIA’s record of kidnapping, torture, murder and outright support of death squads, they easily qualify as a terrorist organisation.

    I shed no tears for them.
  10. at-taqwa

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    The real figure = 20 killed & 25 injured
    And a Happy New Year it must be for the Infidels:p:D:D:D
  11. anam

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    lol the cia wearing afghan clothing meaning they are a part of civilian society

    not any more tho
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