A Dream and Reflections

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    A Dream and Reflections

    In the name of Allah, the most Gracious the most Merciful

    Indeed, we seek guidance from He, who raised the skies without pillars and set the Universe in perfect harmony

    Whomsoever Allah guides, no one can misguide, and whomsoever he leads astray, no one guide

    And peace and blessings of Allah on Our Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him

    Whenever the topic of a would-be aired channel that would air direct news from the Mujahideen… their statements, their operations, their sacrifices, is raised, many Muslims are excited. Indeed it would be a victory for the Muslims, it would mean a conquest. A conquest and victory that would be new in its meaning, in its dimensions and in its kind. It would be coolness to the eyes of the Mujahideen and coolness to the hearts and eyes of 1.5 billion Muslims, more than half of who live under the oppression of the unbelievers. Why not? For they have been watching the slaughter of their own brothers and sisters for ages now!

    The problem arises when you try to bring this “Beautiful Dream” as most hold it, on the ground of reality! Most of the excited Muslims turn away when it comes to doing something to set up this much-desired a media. If asked why… the reply of it is known to all of us, without exception for we have presented that excuse more than once. Fear of the powers… accusations of funding terrorism, hate crimes, house raids, families…

    What sort of supporters of Jihad are we if we cannot do anything? Watching news??? Even the kuffaar do that… what difference does it make… do we believe that increasing the count of the visitors tally in Jihadi sites benefit Jihad? Most of us have lived for quite a while on earth… Have we ever questioned ourselves…what difference has my Islam made to the Ummah…?

    I studied at school that “Work that does not cause an effect is not called work” if we apply this definition to our Islam, can our Islam be called Islam?

    When Bill Gates was a child, he had this big dream about accomplishing his aim… what did he do, sit about and watch for something to happen?
    Shame on us if we can not learn from a simple reflection leave alone the great examples set up by our forefathers in the Islamic History!

    What danger will we take upon ourselves if we help this great cause. There is no violation in it. The west claims Freedom, especially for the media machines. If we only talk about setting up an Islamic media aired to slap the West in the face, not kill it, what harm would it do?

    Have we not taken more than several blows on our faces… when they aired our brothers and sisters at Abu Guraib
    Have we not taken enough watching the sweet little Muhammad Ad Duraah being killed
    Have we not taken enough with all the maimed, burnt and slashed who are aired on the Televisions and the Internet…

    Recently, I saw a video of the malicious Hindus, posted by one, when they were destroying the Babri Masjid on Youtube. One of the Kuffar commented… that how pleasant it would be if they would break down each and every Mosque in India!!!

    It is saddening to see no one standing like mountains in the ruins of the Muslims in Britain like Sheikh Abu Abdullah who was detained in a recent set of arrests, saying to the CNN interviewer, “I owe this country nothing”

    Many Muslims worship Britain because they have been granted asylum. “How can we retaliate against a country that has so much favor on us?”. By Allah, it is from apparent ignorance that you be grateful to a country that is killing your own people on another land…be grateful to them and forget gratefulness to your Lord, Allah the Almighty.

    We obey all their rules, why, because we are in their country by their favor. No, by Allah, the Land is for Allah and the favor is not theirs, it’s Allah’s, so wont you then obey the rules set by Allah.

    Allah has granted victory to His religion, Islam, whether we, as individual Muslims, support it or not, but there is one point where we lose…we individually as Muslims…
    We lose when we know something is right, and not do it out of Fear, Fear of the enemies…

    “…do ye fear them? nay, it is Allah whom ye should more justly fear, if ye believe!” (Verse 13, Surah Taubah)

    If this ever happens with you, know that you have been defeated. Had Omar (R.A) been in front of you, he would have spit in your face… For they lived for glory…are we living for disgrace?

    If it’s your family that holds you from spending, then Allah has answered…

    “Of no profit to you will be your relatives and your children on the day of judgment: he will judge between you: for Allah sees well all that ye do..” (Verses 3, Surah Mumtahana)

    Fear Allah! O slaves of Allah. Fear the cries of the oppressed. Fear their prayers… that if they pray on the Ummah for its abandoning them, out of desperateness and pain, then all that you are building, and setting up will fall into nothingness. Your happiness with shatter… your dreams fade…

    O Ummah of Islam! How many wounds do you want to freshen so that you realize the truth?

    Where are we lost? One instance can be forgotten…but how many massacres are you going to forget?

    Can’t we value the blood that is spilled on the battlefields and spend a little money to show it to the world that… Look this is a milestone on the road to victory?

    1.5 billion Muslims…had each of us spent even a single dollar to set up an Islamic media; we would have purchased a satellite station.

    What will you do with your money, that you are supposed to spend in the way of Allah, keep it for the last day

    “On the day when it will be heated in the fire of hell, and with it will be branded their foreheads, their flanks, and their backs,- This is the (treasure) which ye hoarded for yourselves: taste ye, then, the (treasures) ye hoarded"..” (Verse 35, Surah Taubah)

    At the time of the Ghazwah of Khaybar, the Companions who had even a few dates, donated it…cant we donate a dollar?!!

    Fear Allah, O slaves of Allah! We are all to stand before Him on the Last Day… what will we answer… for abandoning His religion… fear Allah, for He is more rightful to be feared

    Written in solidarity with Jihad Unspun
    By Anbar Bikr

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