A list of the verified books on 'aqeedah that adhere to the methodology of the salaf

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    Can someone give a list of the books that is recommended to study/read in addition to the lawaami al-anwaar?

    Also did Imaam ash-Shawkaani(rh) follow the athari manhaj in 'aqeedah?
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    The late Ibn Badran al-Hanbali al-Dimashqi in his book al-Madkhal ila Madhab al-Imam Ahmad (Introduction to the Madhab of Imam Ahmad) mentions a list of Hanbali/Athari books on creed, and they are as follows:

    1) al-‘Aqidah al-Hamawiyah by Ibn Taymiyah
    2) Sharh al-‘Aqidah al-Asfahaniyah by Ibn Taymiyah
    3) And many other books written by him on creed
    4) Lum’at al-I’tiqad by Ibn Qudamah
    5) Mukhtasar Nihayat al-Mubtadi’in by Badr al-Din al-Balbani
    6) Al-‘Ain wa al-Athar by ‘Abd al-Baqi
    7) ‘Aqidah of ‘Abd al-Ghani ibn Surur al-Maqdisi (I think he’s referring to Iqtisad fi al-I’tiqad)
    8) Najat al-Khalaf Fi I’tiqad al-Salaf by ‘Uthman ibn Ahmad al-Najdi
    9) Al-Durrah al-Mudhiyah by al-Saffarini, except that Ibn Badran criticised it saying that he took a way between Atharis and Ash’aris.
    10) Al-Mu’tamad and it’s Mukhtasar by al-Qadhi Abu Ya’la
    11) Al-Ibanah by Ibn Battah
    12) Kitab al-Tawhid by Ibn Mandah
    13) Al-Tanbih by al-Taraifi
    14) And many other books…

    We may also add to the Sheikh’s list the books of Sh Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab, and the most unique and important of them: Kitab al-Tawheed…
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    As for al-Shawkani, I believe there is a book out there on his beliefs. A study of his Tafseer Fath al-Qadir shows that he is very Salafi for the most part of his creed. Although, I did become surprised at his Tafseer for the verses pertaining to Abrahamic contentions (where he sees the sun rise and says: This is my Lord). In this particular part of his tafseer he seems to have bought the Ash'ari tafseer of hulul al-hawadith (negation of 'movement' from Allah) at face value.

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