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    Egyptian author and intellectual Salah Al-Wardani is the founder of an association called "New Discourse," which advocates a universal Islam and the elimination of the Sunni-Shi'ite distinction.

    Al-Wardani was born to a Sunni family, but in 1985, when he was in his twenties, he converted to Shi'ism and subsequently wrote a great deal in praise of Shi'ism and against Sunni Islam.

    Twenty-one years later, he declared that he no longer belonged to either sect. In an interview for Al-Masri Al-Yawm, he called on intellectuals to join his association.

    In explaining his position, he said: "I have now emerged from both circles (Shi'ite and Sunni Islam) into a new circle, or a third tier... I call for a new Islamic discourse based on the Koran and on reason, which transcends the old mindset that is still dominant among the Muslims today... "

    "I call to rely on modern reason... Islam is not meant to have sects..."
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    lol you're supposed to be shia..why you posting about someone who left shiaisam lol

    and youre the only sectarian member in this forum so cut out the nice guy routine...arent you supposed to be banned anyway
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    I hope you enjoy, a video by a former iranian shea.
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    the difference between islam shiasm is not hypothetical.

    when most of them believe that Quran was distorted by the sahaba and most of the sahaba ra especially those who are the narrators of majority of ahadeeth became apostates hence technically almost all of the ahadeeth we have are not acceptable (and we dont accept their books i.e of extreme rawafidh). what is left ? wallahi we cannot unite with them. ever.
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    May Allah protect Abu Muntasir from the Mongrels who wish him harm.
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    I agree. We have different ahdiths. I have talked to Sheiits extensively. What we have in common is the Qur'an. To join we would all have to become "quranites." :(
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    they are cunning and known for taqyya. my experience is opposite about Quran. on one occasion few years ago a shia fellow student debated with me and asked which was the first ayah to be revealed i said ' IQRA' ' he argued that in the quran we have the first ayah is alhumdu lillahi rabbil 'alameen. so this shows the distortion. basically he wanted to prove that this difference of tarteeb is a distortion then after sometime we moved to other topic of sahaba he implicitly criticised sahaba. may because he knew open tabarra would lead us to hospital. lol.

    their actual evil face is professed when they are in strong position. the root of this evil is their bughz towards sahaba. may Allah give them what they deserve.
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    With him in the stretcher. Where was i when this happened? We could have given him a 1-2 together.
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    hey i dont want to go in grave...lol. that was in college.
    it was a blessing from Allah the hadi that He sent you to help me to know the path of salaf. may Allah reward you.

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