A Walk Around A Western Supermarket

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    I want to take you around a supermarket in the UK. In the UK we have areas of wealth and relative poverty. I say relative because our notion of poverty is nothing compared to what a massive number of children and families have to face in the world everyday.
    We are going into a middle class supermarket so it's full of relatively wealthy people . I haven’t bothered changing from my work clothes and “the sweat from my days labour has not yet dried on my back. “ This is significant because the majority of people in there will be in office and smart clothes.

    First let’s take a look a the car park. There are many new cars here, the ones that aren’t new are shiny and well kept. My van is never washed and it has scratched paint. It stands out. I have just finished reversing into a parking place when a guy in his fifties begins slowly reversing his Range Rover towards where his wife is standing with the dry cleaning. The guy has a set of dark shades and a checked shirt. He stares at me like he’s trying to look through me without seeing me . I just ignore him , it’s like some posture he’s learnt from American “ Big Country” films. Maybe that’s his fantasy : In his head he’s a modern cowboy all self reliant and going home to chop wood. The car park is full of low milage , nearly new four wheel drive cars that will never go off road , in fact never go any further than the shops and the odd day out of the city .

    Inside the supermarket the air conditioning drops the temperature by about ten degrees. There is always the smell of baking bread that’s been wafted along pipes toward the entrance. Psychologists believe it will stimulate both the pleasure and hunger receptors in your brain, and , at the same time make you feel comfortable. So, here I am covered in brick dust and wearing labouring clothes. The first thing I notice is how all the women and men look and smell crisp and clean. They loose themselves in shopping imagining combinations of food and drink. There are shelves piled high with fruit, vegetables produce from all over the world. A lot of its in packets, combinations of salad, chopped vegetables , steaming trays. You see, men and women do the shopping equally no one really has time to cook so its about finding a half prepared contents of a meal and matching it up with another. They pick a packet of veg up , hold it imagine it with something else then put it back . Very little food gets touched by human hands. Men and women spend a lot of time on their mobile phones getting advice from their partners what to buy.

    “ you want carrots, you do know where they are, yeh I’m just walking to the left, , nope they must have moved them....not there... oh on the other isle...”

    There you have it all these disconnected people talking to their husbands and wives on their mobiles because they can not imagine what they would like to eat without asking them. There are a million women and men at home and work silently thinking “ just surprise me!”

    No one makes eye contact with me. A guy earlier did this kind of inhaled snort as I walked past , this is kind of put down . Because I am wearing scruffy clothes people will be less likely to give me time to browse the food, they tend to reach over more , or take a more defensive position for their browsing time in a particular area. You ever heard of road rage?- sometimes we get trolly rage- this is what happens when someone spends too much time browsing and someone else wants to get in the space. They turn red faced and start shouting at each other . Often angry middle class will drive their shopping trolleys straight at you as if all of this were just a setting for them alone. In all honesty shopping is largely a peaceful affair based on individuals mutually ignoring each others existence .

    I’ve got carrots, courgette and some mixed veg for a stir fry. Now for the meat, which of course is in the meat section. Now, meat in supermarkets is, well meat and a lot of other things. You have to be very careful what you buy. For example , Chicken isn’t simply chicken. Birds are raised by the million in massively crowded , dark sheds. they are sometimes fed the remains of other chickens and animals. they have antibiotics and hormones put into their feed. When they are killed the plucked carcasses are injected with water to make them weigh more, so you are buying chicken and water , which is of course cheaper than chicken, but costs the consumer the same.

    I stopped eating meat, but I still think in terms of it to add to the meal. There are about ten pre prepared vegetarian dishes. They are up on a shelf out of sight of anyone under the age of twelve. I get Tofu . There are a handful of non meat products, by comparison, there are about three hundred variants of offal based meals, sausages beef burgers , meatballs. In the past they were packaged as children's foods- it was and still is cheaper to feed it to our children than to dispose of it as industrial waste. Turkey Twizzlers- Turkey fat, bread crumbs and stuff scraped off bone. I won’t tell you what’s in the pork sausages that would be too horrible for you guys to imagine.

    Everything is packaged for connivence . No one has much time to cook. Porridge comes in sachets . Empty it into a bowl, add milk or water and microwave it for two mins. Costs ten times as much as ordinary porridge. Same with rich and noodles. It’s a kind of ration pack food for people in a hurry. They spend about a hundred pounds every week buying quick food to find the time to earn a hundred pounds extra. Now lets go to the checkout and I’ll show you why they live like this.

    Before we get there, I forgot about this-until recently they used to put all the sweets and sugary things right above the conveyor belt. So when parents checked out they had to pick up their kids and all this junk was at the children's eye level. Of course it starts, children start pestering for sweets. Because this is the closest approximation of hunger they will ever get , and Western children have not learnt to contain “hunger’ there was always a screaming wailing child a the checkout ....”I waaant some... whaaaa”. Interestingly other parents always gave each other this look..” my child never did that” of course, they always did. Mercifully sweets are no longer at checkouts and this minor torture is no longer to be endure. Suddenly everyone realised they ere full of chemicals which make
    kids go even more hyper and rot teeth and cause allergies. Funny that , everyone thinking E Number and benzene and phosphate combined with massive doses ofd sugar wouldn’t harm their kids. They have just found out a chemical in Pepsi inhibits cancer protecting cells.

    At the Checkout now are a variety of newspapers. They are displayed at an angle so you have to turn your head at an uncomfortable angle to read the headlines, if you don’t do this you will end up standing in a position which will cost you your place in the queue The headlines are telling. Let’s understand what is happening here. Most of those cars out in the car park, they aren’t actually the property of the drivers. They are owned by finance companies and banks. If the driver doesn’t pay his monthly debt , they will take his car away . The crisp clean clothes, many bought on credit cards. And, get this: food is bought on loaned money at the checkout. They own nothing and if they ever stop running they will have their homes, their furniture, their wardrobes etc. taken off them by “mercenaries” who work for debt collection agencies. Now guess what : the headlines are “Mortgage Misery”. The interest rate has just gone up so they will have to pay even more back to the money lenders. Must run faster. That's all they will think, they won't see the war in Iraq, what's happening in Darfur- they are simply not programmed to see it. This is their own little disconnected individualised world. Even the food they eat is not really their own.
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    Where were you shopping, Waitrose?

    I used to see tons of people in "work clothes" in my local Tesco. Actually, did I see you in the car park once?
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    I found reading your observations enlightening, very thought provoking and I think it's you've got an accurate perception there of how things are.

    When I first became Islamic in my teens I found myself making very similar observations and sensing the 'reality' around me in this Western lifestyle to be an endless cycle where we are owned entities amongst thousands and millions, slaving away whilst kept aloof and distracted with entertainment overflow via television, music, internet, movies, newspapers, magazines, books and most dangerously through advertisements.
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    HA HA

    Dats funny...!
  5. ykhan

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    Excellent observation akhi............!
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    They call it "good living " , but its so false , and your right about the petrol guzzling 4x4's their owners cant really afford to do any real mileage in them.
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    I dont think he's a brother yet.......but inshaa Allaah soon

    Thanks Chase your post was an interesting read
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    Nice one Ibn Adam! Give me a three wheeler full of "Basic" food any day, that would really wind them up in the car park.

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