Abandoning action for the sake of people

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    Assalaamu Alaikum

    Could someone explain this saying/quote:

    Al-fudayl ibn 'Iyyad said "Abandoning action for the sake of people, is to seek their admiration. To do an action for the sake of people is to commit [a form of] polytheism. Indeed sincerity is when God saves you from both of these states."

    Does this apply to every deed? For example what about a brother who doesn't grow his beard because of what people might think, or a sister who doesn't cover herself because of what people might think. Is that essentially a form of polytheism? Or someone who misses out a non-obligatory prayer while with people because he/she doesn't want them to think differently of him etc?

    I know that's quite a loaded question, sorry! And jazakallah khair.

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