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    assalamu alaykum,

    i've uploaded the book "al-madaris al-nahwiya" by the late shawqi dhayf (rahimahullah). it is very interesting as it discusses the history of nahw and it's development, the different schools of thoughts, the differences between them and the kibaar imaams. this is definitely your thing if you love nahw and sarf! :)


    you can download it here.
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  2. Yasir

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    wa’alaikum as-salaam,

    I’ve always found it interesting how we have madhaahib in nahw, and people never object to ‘blind following’ one of them!

    I was reading about the wonderful Imam al-Khaleel b. Ahmad al-Faraaheedi rahimahullah and his outstanding contributions to the language the other day. Sufyaan ath-Thawri rahimahullah said of him: (من أحب أن ينظر إلى رجل خلق من الذهب والمسك، فلينظر إلى الخليل بن أحمد)!
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    Once again, barakallahu feeki hearandobey! Sounds like an excellent read, I've always wanted to hear the major differences between the schools, and the classes really showed how what we are usually taught in certain issues is not really the opinion of the jamhoor!
  4. hearandobey

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    good point. just as in fiqh there are ahkaam that do not change and there are things that develop/evolve with time, the author mentions how with the passage of time the same sort of thing happened with nahw, from basra to kufa to baghdad to andalus then egypt!

    wa feeki barakAllah dear sis :)

    amazing isn't it? the author mentions how imam sibawayh in particular had an amazing manhaj, he was called the qur'an of nahw! sounds a bit like the ibn taymiyah of nahw to me lol.
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    Funny enough. I remember reading how Ibn Taymeeyah Ra accused Imam Sibawayh of making mistakes in arabic, while Ibn Taymeeyah was in a debate.
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    hearandobey الحمدلله

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    I remember this too. I heard his opponent said something like, "This is what is in al-Kitab!", so he replied, "What kitab?", to which the opponent said, "Al-Kitab of Sibawaih!", and he replied, "You have erred and so has Sibawaih."
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    lol and who loves nahw and sarf maybe someone from an other planet.
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    If arabic was a woman I would marry her anyday. I never seen a language more interesting, amazing, beautiful then Arabic. Guess I must be from another world.
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