Al-Qaeda branch seizes key Mali arms depot

Discussion in 'Global Affairs' started by Abu Sayyid, May 29, 2012.

  1. Abu Sayyid

    Abu Sayyid Qutbist

    AFP: Al-Qaeda branch seizes key Mali arms depot as crisis deepens

    Sounds very promising inshaaAllah.
  2. It's not about 'attacking' anyone, and it doesn't appear to ever have been about that.

    Most of the north was Muslim anyway and the Tuaregs and other groups have been fighting against the corruption of the south and the imposition of un-Islamic secularist puppets for decades it seems.

    These weapons, if anything, will serve in the defense of the Islamic emirate and it behooves them to make sure to first establish the north's independence before looking to strike at the south or anyone else, In Sha Allah.

    This is yet another trick of the media to characterize the seizure as an 'al-Qaeda' acquisition of serious weaponry. They are merely setting the stage for international or ECOWAS assaults and the justification for by-passing international norms of diplomacy and peaceful conflict resolution.

    Really, what loss of life have the MNLA and Ansar e Dine caused thus far? Not a single death attributable to them or their insurrection. It has been practically bloodless. Yet they pose such a 'threat' and there is such a 'crisis'?

    Rubbish. Propaganda rubbish.
  3. Abu Sayyid

    Abu Sayyid Qutbist

    Mali rebels split over sharia in new state | Reuters


    [FONT=arial, helvetica, sans]I think that the Mujahideen believe that a foreign attack is inevitable and they will be preparing for it. Look at this arrogant Hollande, thinking that Mali is his backyard where he can do what he wants. [/FONT]

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