Important Al Shabaab urges Muslims to support Yemeni Qaeda

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    Al Shabaab urges Muslims to support Yemeni Qaeda

    MOGADISHU (Reuters) - Somalia's hardline Islamist rebel group al Shabaab said on Friday it was ready to send reinforcements to al Qaeda in Yemen should the U.S. carry out retaliatory strikes, and urged other Muslims to follow suit.

    Yemen-based al Qaeda groups have come under intense scrutiny since the Nigerian who tried to explode a bomb aboard a Detroit-bound Christmas Day flight from Amsterdam was linked to the country.

    Yemeni and American officials are reported to have mulled targets for retaliatory strikes against such groups inside Yemen.

    "We call upon all Muslims to give a hand to our brothers in Yemen and we, al Shabaab, are ready to send them reinforcements ... and Inshallah we shall win over America," said Sheikh Mukhtar Robow Abuu Mansuur, a senior al Shabaab official.

    He urged hundreds of the group's soldiers, who marched around the northern parts of the battle-scarred capital in brand-new uniforms, to redouble their efforts in the fight.

    Somalia has had no central government for 18 years and efforts to install one have been greatly undermined by the insurgency led by al Shabaab, which Washington views as al Qaeda's proxy in the region.

    (Reporting by Ibrahim Mohamed; editing by Tim Pearce)
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    salam alaaykom

    Here is the reinforcements allahu akbar have sabr yaa ahlal yaman....






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  4. Foxhole

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    Props on the unis. Hope they actually fight in them and they're not just parade uniforms.
  5. Son.of.Adam

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    hmmmm.... wouldn't we all like to know, why don't you find out for us?
  6. abumuwahid

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    Looks like the insurgency phase is over.

    It's real war now. They armed to the teeth.

    Love it.

    May Allah help them and make all their shots hit their intended targets. May he use the lions of Al Shabaab to overcome the filthy americans and their helpers wherever they are, particularly in Yemen.

    And may Allah guide Foxhole to Islam so that he can also join Al Shabaab and don their nice new uniform.
  7. Foxhole

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    They are quite spiffy indeed.
  8. Abu Aziza

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  9. huehuecoyotl

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    Nah, Washington just sends Special Forces to the area for vacation :rolleyes:
  10. Muslim4life101

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    I wonder if shabaab will run again when ethiopia occupies the country again.

    This is the reason why i hate alqeada linked groups,they stabb knife in the back of muslims . But taliban mujahideen(unlike them)are hard against the kuffars ,and they do not run away!

    May Allah help taliban mujahideen,and destroy alqeada showclowns because they are munafiqeen and liars.
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  11. ummah1

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    ^the Taliban which you support are allied with AlQaeda and support them, so be careful what you say.
  12. Abu Aziza

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    please give up...... the sooner the better
  13. Abu Aziza

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    al shabaab ran from ethiopia? when was that? where?

    are you talking about ahmed sharif n his djibouti ministers?
  14. Take Notice

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    Akhi, were you there for the battle of Kismaayo? It lasted many days and the kuffar only took it during Jummu'ah, because so many of the Muslims wanted to go to the prayers. I do not think the Mujahideen are going to make that mistake again. Furthermore, they kicked Ethiopia out, so that is not a fair statement at all. Also, you are showing yourself to be a Khawarij who makes takfir over Muslims retreating, which is in some cases a sin and others it is not, and we Ask Allah to forgive them if they were in error.
  15. abumuwahid

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    You are biggest liar on this forum.

    Taliban ran away when america invaded. Actually this was due to strategem of war. They regrouped and alhamdulillah we have good result from them.

    Shabab confronted ethiopians head on and were instrumental in driving them out of Somalia.
  16. Muwaahid

    Muwaahid I disbelieve in disbelief

    I wonder whats wrong with 'muslim'4! Hey, be fair even if you dont agree with people. I am not a fan of shbab but lets face it, they are braver than the Taliban. For one, as abumuwahid pointed out, they took a head-on with invading Ethiopians that outnumbered them 1-50 in some places but mostly 1-15- when the Shariah allows you to retreat if you are outnumbered 1-3 and more.
    I consider them ridiculously brave!
  17. Take Notice

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    That is not for Defensive Jihad. Retreating in Defensive Jihad is more or less not allowed even if every single Muslim male in that area will die. There are situations that allow it, but it is very hard to meet those conditions. This is because the Muslim women and children will be raped, murdered, and enslaved if the kuffar gain victory.
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  19. at-taqwa

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    Nah, the US is stil suffering from the 'Black Hawk Down' Syndrome:rolleyes:
  20. TheTiredOne

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    Insha'Allaah they will be able to assist if needed. May Allaah grant them sucess

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