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    as salaamu alaykum

    what is with this recent attack? Did it harm muslims? Was there covenant in that land? Is the land dar al harb? What is the islamic view on this?
    Does anybody got information from Kibaar ulama?
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    Algeria has been suffering for more than17 years now and don’t know whether we can call itDar al-Harb vs. Dar al-Islam or just every time an incident happens to kill those tyrants and corrupted people in the government innocent people get killed. Actually one of the Algerian who lives in Lebanon lost 3 of his family members. Algeria is who is killing who and what :confused: :confused:
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    what media institutions fail to clarify is that the algerian 'government' brought this on themselves through its extremely repressive measures initiated by the military, against peaceful islamists who played the democracy game and won (1991)

    to date the algerian 'government' that came into force after a military crackdown against jubilant and victorious islamists has failed to explain over

    6000 'disappearances' of people of 'fundamentalist' extraction.

    however, when islamists defend themselves or retaliate against the algerian military for raiding localities suspected of bieng fundamentalist strongholds it is reported as 'terrorism'
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