Important Alhamdulliah help for Burma!!!

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  1. Revert_Khadijah

    Revert_Khadijah Smile, Its Sunnah :)

    People ARE helping!!

    Through posting my JustGiving secure donation link about in the past few weeks iv raised £252 for MuslimAid Burma and Syria appeal Alhamdulliah!
    If it was anyone on here through my signature then may Allaah reward you SOOO much, in this life and the next, make your charity a means of replacing bad deeds, protection in the grave, shade on the Day, and a ticket straight into Jannah!!!!!!!

    We need more though!

    You may think a few pound wont do anything to help, but that few pound could be the last remaining amount to shelter, medicine, anesthetic machines etc!
    Children are being operated on being fully awake and told to bite on a piece of wood to stop the screaming Suban'Allaah!!!!!!

    Can you imagine your children or family members being killed right in front of your eyes because of their faith, being burnt, stabbed, threw out buildings??!! suban'Allah

    And what are we doing???
    Neighboring countries TURNING THESE HELPLESS AWAY???!!

    Above is a youtube link to all the AWFUL events happening in Burma, and thats only what were allowed to see!!

    Im sure everyone reading this could give atleast £1 which simply comes off your credit or mobile bill to help these poor brothers and sisters for the sake of Allaah!
    Text code- KMCM 82
    and amount you want to donate e.g £5
    to this number - 70070

    Alternatively visit this link > Khadijah Claire Birks is fundraising for Muslim Aid!

    Sunday we will be celebrating Eid, new clothes and nice food, whilst Burma Muslims will be running for their lives ..

    Least we can do is provide safe shelter, food and clean water, as much as you can afford!!!
    Allaah WILL ask us, what did we do to help the needy???>>>>>>>

    All donations go straight through JustGiving (free) and straight to those in need!
    Visit this link> Khadijah Claire Birks is fundraising for Muslim Aid!

    Ramadhan the month of mercy, forgiveness and multiplying deeds, 1 day left of this blessed month get your deeds in quickly and get them multiplied before this month is over, who knows if we'l live to see another!!

    Do you want to be amongst the lucky few who get to give pounds in the intention of saving lives and have the reward of saving the WHOLE OF MANKIND?!

    The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: "The believer's shade on the Day of Resurrection will be his charity." - Al-Tirmidhi, Hadith 604

    The Prophet also said: "Every act of goodness is charity." - Sahih Muslim, Hadith 496

    The Prophet also said: "Give charity without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity." - Al-Tirmidhi, Hadith 589

    "Spend (in charity) out of the sustenance that We have bestowed on you before that time when death will come to someone, and he shall say: "O my Lord! If only you would grant me reprieve for a little while, then I would give in charity, and be among the righteous." - The Holy Quran, 63:10

    The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: "Save yourself from hellfire by giving even half a date-fruit in charity." - Sahih Al-Bukhari, Volume 2, Hadith 498

    "They ask you (O Muhammad) what they should spend in charity. Say: 'Whatever you spend with a good heart, give it to parents, relatives, orphans, the helpless, and travellers in need. Whatever good you do, God is aware of it.'" - The Holy Quran, 2:215
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  2. Mu'awiya

    Mu'awiya New Member

    asalaamu alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

    May Allah love you sister Khadija, you're doing such a good project.
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  3. wurood

    wurood ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿

    masha Allah may Allah reward you immensely for your devotion and commitment to raise awareness about the needy :)
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  4. Striving4Sunnah

    Striving4Sunnah Musrayaaa

    wa alykum asalam,

    Im so proud of you habibty well done mashaAllah, may Allah reward you immensely and accept it from you! Ameen

    Love you for the sake of Allah sis xx
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  5. Revert_Khadijah

    Revert_Khadijah Smile, Its Sunnah :)

    Walaikumasalaam wa rahmatulhi wa baraktuh!

    awwh sisters subanAllaah I didnt expect such nice replies, the effort is minute its the people donating who are doing the good work!

    Please give anything you can and Allaah will triple it, even more than that! And please spread the link about, may Allaah reward you for that!

    Love you all for the sake of Allaah!

    Someone has just donated to the page after posting this thread, SubanAllaah Muslims are coming forward and giving what they can and that is ongoing sadaqah!
    Please give your Zakat, Sadaqah, for you, for your deceased, for your family etc, may it be accepted and help the poor brothers and sisters and what their going through!
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  6. Revert_Khadijah

    Revert_Khadijah Smile, Its Sunnah :)

    2 people donated through this thread, ALLAAHU AKBAR!!

    The NEED and MUST to help these Burma Muslims has penetrated your hearts and Allaah has saw that and will give you SOOOO MUCH BACK!!

    Giving to charity INCREASES wealth Allaah has promised that!
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  7. Indefinable

    Indefinable Umm Mujahid

    Sis, keep up the good work inshaAllaah! May Allaah reward you x
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  8. Striving4Sunnah

    Striving4Sunnah Musrayaaa

    Its also worth mentioning Ramadan is almost over and who knows if we will ever see another,

    so give whatever you can before it ends.. may Allah multiply our charity for us ameen
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  9. Revert_Khadijah

    Revert_Khadijah Smile, Its Sunnah :)

    SubanAllaah sister yes very true, deeds done in this month are multiplied so we should get those last deeds in whilst we can !

    JazakAllaah Khairun!
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  10. Amat Ullah

    Amat Ullah <A HREF="showthread.php?t=70991"></A>

    As Salaam U Alaikum Wa Rahmat Ullah ,

    Ukht Khadija,we are proud of you ..youre being a revert ,helping the Ummah fee sabeel Illah ....Alhamdul'Illah...This am telling you despite other Muslim bros and sis' motivational replies to you so that you remain focused on ur work,Insha'Allah

    may Allah .brighten your life and multiply your joys in both the lives....ask Allah to give me and others here Tawfeeq to do something to help our Ummah too....Ameen

    If you want any volunteers to help in anything ,let us all know here,Insha'Allah

    ALLAH hu Ekbar!

    JSK Allah hu Khayra
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  11. Revert_Khadijah

    Revert_Khadijah Smile, Its Sunnah :)

    Walaikumasalaam !

    SubanAllaah such amazing response!!!

    Its all for Allaah subhana wa tala !

    Amin to lovely Dua and same back to you and your family multiplied!

    JazakAllaah Khairun, all I ask is to spread the link via text, signature, threads, posts etc in shaa Allaah !
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  12. Revert_Khadijah

    Revert_Khadijah Smile, Its Sunnah :)

    Donations seem to have slowed down Suban'Allaah but these poor suffering brothers and sisters still need our help...

    Click the link> Khadijah Claire Birks is fundraising for Muslim Aid

    Even a pound...just one pound with the intention to save lives could be your ticket to Jannaah..

    Invest in your Akhira today!

    If your children were being beat and burnt for believing in Allaah...wouldn't you want others to help?

  13. journeyman

    journeyman Banned

    The problem is Bangladeshi Government has refused Aid organisations request to help the Rohingyas

    I wonder how Muslim Aid and the like will channel these donations

    and does anyone know what political solution is on the table apart from the Turkish initiative?
  14. Revert_Khadijah

    Revert_Khadijah Smile, Its Sunnah :)

    Suppose you'l have to contact MuslimAid and ask them that in shaa Allaah
    As far as what I read, agencies IN Bangladesh had been told not to give aid to Rohingyas IN Bangladesh. The charities were providing health care, food and water to thousands of refugees in the Cox's Bazaar district of Bangladesh and were told to stop which I think is DISGUSTING to say the least but Charities were still able to donate in Burma itself In shaa Allaah.

    Giving in chairty is all about the intention Alhamulliah

    The Prophet said: "Give charity without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity." - Al-Tirmidhi, Hadith 589
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  15. gag order

    gag order Anti-Troll

    think about the reward in Akhira brother, we are rewarded for donating for pleasure of Allah even before it actually benefits anyone and all too often we forget that is why we are here to accumulate good deeds.

    btw, I pray that Allah leaves Hasina destitute
    and I pray for the Rohingya to be avenged

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