Important Alleged Eye-Witness to Lara Logan "Raping"

Discussion in 'Global Affairs' started by 'Abd al-Kareem, May 19, 2011.

  1. 'Abd al-Kareem

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    Here are two blog posts by another foreign non-Muslim journalist who was in Egypt at the time, Témoris Grecko, who claims to have eye-witnessed what allegedly happened to Lara Logan.

    1. Rape? Women? Stripped? What really happened to Lara Logan? « UBUNTU
    (Note: The page may take an extra few seconds to load due to the enormous amount of comments on the post.)

    2. Lara Logan and CBS don’t care about racism. They’re not helping the women’s cause, either « UBUNTU

    The second link is from after her way-belated interview wherein she detailed everything.

    An excerpt:

    Now, this is just his word versus hers, so to speak. So I don't claim to believe this man wholeheartedly, of course. But her story is nothing but words with no proof, too. So why should her tall tale receive precedence?
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  2. justabro

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    Lol... grecko claims your signature is referring to him.
  3. Prolix

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    The updates were entertaining. The infamy and attention of IA will never cease to amuse me it seems.

    In case Grecko ever decides to come in for a third Update to Update his last Update, I would like to clarify for his benefit that :

    1) Kaafir is a generic term and not necessarily derogatory, it's a method of distinction but does not classically contain the bigotry he connotes with it.

    2) The reason it was mentioned was to not make it seem that any one testament was given precedence over the other (thus making the poster hypocritical in his acceptance of any one testimony) but that there were conflicting views which made the story faulty at best.

    3) I know journalism doesn't give much time for forums, but if he'd like to join and kindly look at the 'signature' option, he'd realize that everything below the line is attached to basically every post and such a statement would necessitate that 'Abd al-Kareem was calling every single person ever quoted or referred to as a sub-laymen.

    Which is utterly ridiculous. The disclaimer was referring to himself (meaning the poster not the quoted).

    Somehow those 'updates' undermined his whole article for me a bit and made it emo to be honest.
  4. 'Abd al-Kareem

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    Oh, dear.

    Well, undoubtedly this situation
    surely calls for a clarification. throwback?

    Unintended miscommunication,
    which - admittedly - occurs on occasion.

    And now I've come to the realization,
    that this requires a rectification!

    So I've offered an explanation
    to rid us of this complication,

    And I posted it at his blogging station.
    You may find it at this location.

    May it serve as an alleviation
    of any previous obfuscation!
  5. Al Jazairi

    Al Jazairi نناديكم و لكن من يجيب؟

    I didn't pay attention to anything on that Blog but to: Ubuntu!

    Read this is Arabic:
  6. Sharif

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    What a mix-up, lol.
  7. ahmad10

    ahmad10 حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل

    Hmm... I Found the hidden attempting to decipher

    may Allah bless you for all your efforts Br. Abd al Kareem. Your posts, at least for me, have put a lot of things into prospective. I wish there were more "sub laymen" like you...May Allah help you in continuing this effort...:)

    P.S. - Don't take this as praise, rather a post of thanks. I would not praise my brother to his face, but nothing is stopping me from thanking him in nice words, is there?
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  8. Aboo Shayba


    One of the comments reads:

    What an Idiot - then he goes on to say.. How can a beautiful blonde woman with western clothes be sent to volatile blah blah blah..... Hahaha.. Funny stuff.

    Edit: I could care less about this woman and her experience, everyday their 'women' get raped in their countries, why is this woman a special case. If they want society in general to change, they need to get rid of this 'Hollywood' lifestyle where everything evolves around sex. Then maybe they'll get back some of their moral principles.
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  9. Umm Waraqa Bluebell

    Umm Waraqa Bluebell kalimat al-ikhlaas

    Are you that guy who had a poetry thing with Yasir Qadhi?
  10. 'Abd al-Kareem

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    Lol! You're a sly one!

    I doubt you'll be able to interpret it, dear friend. You haven't been around long enough.

    Whoever does figure it out, though, will get an enormous amount of rep courtesy of the Royalty of IA Forums, so guess away kind folk!

    Ameen wa iyyak.

    I honestly don't know if that would still count as the same. Either way, your praise (or 'thanks') is undeserved. May Allah forgive us for our faults and increase us in khayr in the dunya and Akhirah.


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