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  1. Qabeelat Fawz

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    FIQH of LOVE
    M A R R I A G E I N I S L A M

    Shaykh Waleed Basyouni
    18th-20th & 26th-27th February 2011
    Birmingham UK

    Learn About:

    The Essential 10 Conversations You Must Have when it comes to Marriage!
    The Super 7 Steps to fusing a fight as it Happens!
    The 1 problem married couples face and How to Avoid It!
    The ways to deal with differences - whether cultural, age, or family backgrounds!

    Enroll now to avoid disappointment places are going FAST!

    For more information visit:

    "And among His signs is this, that He created for you mates(spouse) from among yourselves, that you may dwell in tranquility with them, and He has put love and mercy between your hearts. Verily in that are signs for those who reflect." (Qur'an 30:21)
  2. Muneer88

    Muneer88 هنيئاً لك الشهادة

    To my bros /sis having gheerah for their Deen, boycott this institution, they don't deserve your money, give it away in sadaqah, better than to give it to this fitnah institution, may Allah swt guide them.
  3. I think you meant 'de'-fusing, since 'fusing' would be to prepare it for explosion...! I don't need any help with that!
  4. Intoodeep

    Intoodeep Banned

    No. definitely good to learn some basics from them, but just remember

    1. they dont believe in khilafah or working for it - there understanding of islamic politics is hugely watered down. maybe they believe saudi is an islamic state !!
    2. they side with US when it comes to jihaad - in effect even if they use clever arguments to weasel out of explicitly saying so.
    3. they only talk politics if they think it will effect their business - like if a terrorist attack goes off in usa they will then write an article against it. but usually if its the other way then paah who cares, we got the fiqh of loooove to talk about.

    if you are aware of the above principles then you can learn some basics from them.
  5. umarr

    umarr New Member

    fixed brother :)
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  6. Aboo Shayba


    Are you sure they side with US on issue of Jihaad?

    As this would constitute they're Kuffaar.
  7. Bilal alAmreeki

    Bilal alAmreeki يا جبل ما يهزك ريح

    kalamak mazboot akhi - lol
  8. Muqawama


    lol, i love the way they advertise it lol. THE MOST POPULAR COURSE EVER!!! SEX!!! MARRIAGE!!!

    Of course it is when it is obvious that many single girls and boys will attend.
  9. Expergefactionist

    Expergefactionist hmmm... Staff Member

    I would learn the basics from them if they were ok in their basics. America's war on terror is actually a war on Islam, and this is something so basic that any non-practising Muslim and even a socialist will tell you that in Britain. Karzai government being a puppet government, and not a legitimate Islamic government is also very basic. The Afghan Jihad against the occupiers wa/is a legitimate resistance, according to both, Islamic and international Law. This is all pretty basic stuff.

    I don't think these shameless traitors should be celebrated in our communities at all. I wouldn't learn from him how to tie my shoe laces.
  10. You still don't know?!

    I'm from the Rabbit-Around-the-Tree-in-the-Hole 'Manhaj'. I think they're Swoopty-Loops, so I definitely wouldn't take from them based on that alone.

    Just kidding.

    But seriously. Al-Maghrib deserves whatever criticism they get based on the issues mentioned above. The Qabeelah is just trollin' for dummies...
  11. Muneer88

    Muneer88 هنيئاً لك الشهادة

    well, still there are masaakeen that are willing to throw their money away for something they can learn from Sheikh Google, at least judging from the neg reps I got from my post. The Lizard's hole is waiting for'ya...
  12. justabro

    justabro Salafi (Retd.)

    If there's anybody in al-Maghrib who should be avoided, it's Walid Basyuni.
  13. Ibn Abi Ukhti

    Ibn Abi Ukhti New Member


    I think I would add to that YQ as well

    We just one class from Waleed Basyouni in our city and I attended it. I didn't expect to hear stuff which I did and was utterly disappointed. But with other instructors such as Shaykh Muhammad Alshareef, I have only seen him speaking out against the tagoot rather openly and at times covertly. Such as once in his 1 day seminar he was telling us the famous story of 3 bulls and lion, he said that the lion was the british lion and not the american for a reason and etc...
  14. Tooti Nungs

    Tooti Nungs Chachi

    Can anybody link me to where on the MuslimMatters website a senior member of staff such as Yasir Qadhi has said that there is no jihad in Afghanistan, or is this something people have surmised?
  15. Sifar

    Sifar New Member

    They don't want to answer that question. They'll avoid you like the plague if you ask that question. And ban you from almaghrib forums.

    And Qabeelat Fawz needs to be banned. Almaghrib doesnt allow any outside links on their forums. We shouldnt tolerate them here either.
  16. Scented Blood

    Scented Blood Abu Peanut

    Ear Ear!
  17. Wild Wild West

    Wild Wild West لا تعتذر اليوم

    Read Ali Shehattas latest article on radicalisation and his subsequent comments.

    He says Karzais govt is a legitimate one.

    You seem to keep repeating the same annoying question when everybody else knows the score and has known it for a couple of years now.
  18. Tooti Nungs

    Tooti Nungs Chachi

    It's ok, found what I needed:

    Yasir Qadhi -

    " I have never commented on the situation of Muslims in other lands, and nor have I ever said or even implied that my opinions are directed towards them. This is a very important point to stress. I am addressing Muslims living in the West in general, and America in particular.

    - I also must state that the eagerness that many commentators have to learn the ruling on Muslims in other lands seems to be misplaced. I say this for a number of reasons.

    Firstly, la yukallif Allahu nafsan illa wus`aha: we are primarily responsible for ourselves, our families, and our situations. Let us be relevant to ourselves and stick to what is practical, rather than getting involved with theoretical scenarios that do not apply to us.

    Secondly, everyone here fully realizes the possible repercussions of speaking about this issue. Some people love to be foolishly melodramatic, and in the process ruin their lives and the lives of their families. I believe my religion requires me to use wisdom and rise above raw emotions. There are causes for which a person should lay down his life (for example, protecting his family). And there are causes for which one should be willing to go to jail (for example, if one is forced to fight in an illegitimate war and the only alternative is to be jailed). And then, there are causes where such sacrifices are actually foolish. What use is a scholar or activist or even an average lay-Muslim who sacrifices his freedoms and goes to jail merely for talking about theoretical issues of no direct relevance to him? Is this the best use of his resources and life? Personally, I believe absolutely nothing will be gained by thoughtless rhetoric and impudent speech. If someone believes otherwise, that is their prerogative.

    Thirdly (and this is a key point), suppose that the general rule is that a Muslim land that has been invaded does necessitate a defensive jihad. This is a theoretical ruling that would require the scholars of that land and region to best implement it. It is possible that, looking at the specific factors of a region, the scholars of that land will conclude that it is a futile battle to fight, and therefore to reach a compromise that would secure one’s right to live and practice one’s faith might be wiser than waging a war that will never be won. On the other hand, it is also possible that scholars will believe that it is in the best interest of their land and faith that an invading army is fought. Sitting here in America, no one is qualified to comment regarding the situation on the ground in other lands. That is why I simply refuse to touch this topic."

    Yasir Qadhi | The Lure of Radicalism and Extremism Amongst Muslim Youth |
  19. Tuwaylib

    Tuwaylib Anti-Defeatist

    I opted for the 'zipper' and 'velcro' manhaj.

    Anyone know what caused Waleed to change?
  20. Ibn Khattab

    Ibn Khattab New Member

    I completely agree bro but what would you say to someone who says "take the good and leave the bad" ?

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