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Discussion in 'Living Room' started by Scented Blood, Aug 20, 2009.

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    How much is that whale worth ($$$)?
  3. Sabr_Like_Ayub

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    subhanallah amazing picture indeed....doesnt it remind you of the story of sahaba's going on a journey and came across a big fish (ie:'anbar)??

    Jaabir Ibn Abdullah (ra) said: The messenger of Allah (saw) sent us on a mission.......we were hiking on the shores of the sea when we saw something that looked like a huge sand-hill from a distance. as we came nearer, we realized that it was a large sea creature called Al-Anbar (whale fish).........we, all 300 of us, lived off this creature for one month until we became fattened. i remember how we took spears and thrust them into the eye socket of the creature. from inside the socket we scooped out pieces of fat, the size of a bull. So, large was the creature that when Abu'Ubaydah asked of our men to line up in the eye socket of the cretaure, there was enough space to accomodate them all. He also took one of its ribs and erected it on the ground. Then he found the tallest camel, made our tallest man to ride on it, and they were able to pass underneath the rib.........

    (this hadeeth is very long I had to cut it short so you can comprehend the story and appreciate this creature and its uniqueness and above all comprehend Allah's mercy on His creation)
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    mashAllah,that is 1 great pic,top choice....
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    I clicked on this link with the intention of messing around but I can't. That picture truly is awesome. MashaAllah.
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    Do you think that is how big Adam(as) was compared to us now?
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    Amazing pic jzk bro for that

    has anyone been to the natural history museum recently? I took the fam a few weeks ago and subhanullah the size of some animals and birds you wouldn't think it was like that. For example they had OWLS which were massive! Also the bald-head eagle, ostrich etc maasha'Allah

    He - subhanahu wa ta'ala has beautified His creation.
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    Do they still have the massive blue whale?

    Brings back memories of childhood...

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