An Invitation to Think

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    An Invitation to Think

    Have you ever wondered why Islam is constantly a subject of discussion for everybody, Muslim and non-Muslim alike? One can hardly miss it in International politics, religious circles, ideological circles and personal decisions. This is because Islam is based on the belief in one God who is the creator of everything and who (as a Creator with perfect knowledge) has sent a perfect guidance to mankind regarding every aspect of life.

    Islam asserts that every human being should naturally come to the conclusion that there is a Creator. Consider, the universe. It's perfect order calls for the attention of every human being. Look at the world around you. Why is pure water tasteless, and why does it have such lifegiving qualities to plants and animals, that no other liquid has? Man only discovered that water boils at 100 degrees C, that the acceleration due to gravity is 9.81 m/ s squared, etc. But he did not put these laws to be so. Man did not design the earth to be spherical nor did he design the properties of matter as we know them. Yet, had the properties of existent elements not been what they are, conditions necessary for Life on earth would be absent. Man has no power whatsoever to change these properties. The most he can do is tap these properties and rearrange them to satisfy his needs. Have you ever wondered about these facts?

    Now, consider any purpose built product in life, a car for example. The natural properties of iron, rubber, air, etc. are combined in a certain way after careful planning to produce it. No car appears by chance; an intelligent manufacturer must have put some effort to produce it. This manufacturer must be completely separate from it and he/she is the best person to tell us about the way it functions, it's limits, and so on. Since this is an established fact of life, true in the case of every product, why should the universe and its natural contents be the exceptions, seeing that it is the most perfect of all designs? Surely, it cannot be attributed to chance!

    Have you thought about the natural instinct in man to turn to a superior being (who has the ultimate power) at the time when help is desperately needed? This is a direct evidence that belief in an omnipotent Creator is only natural, and why man, since his existence, has worshipped. He has historically worshipped the sun, fire, cows, idols, etc. apart from God. The Communists like other atheists in this country, officially deny God. But all they actually do is substitute other things and beings in place of God; things like science, the communist party and Karl Marx. Is not adoration for film or sports stars also a form of worship? It is a fact that the characteristics of religiousness are still exhibited as ever, and it is found in the history of every nation.

    Have you thought about these old and new substitutes to God? Are they not limited in many ways? People and other creatures that are being revered need food to survive. The heavenly bodies have to travel in a precise way, they are limited in size and age, and they are perishable. You will find many more examples of limitation to these substitutes, pointing to the fact that someone, separate from them must have designed them so. The universe at its best is a painting not the painter. Who is to be worshipped? The painting or the painter?

    Have you wondered about the possibility of more than one Creator? Who created the others?

    The Creator in Islam is called Allah. Islam asserts that:

    1. Allah is eternal, omnipotent and there is no partner equal to him.

    2. Only Allah can provide the perfect guidance to mankind, and not the philosophers of Capitalist democracy, Communism or any man made systems.

    3. This guidance has been continuously sent to man through human prophets, culminating with the message brought to humanity through the prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him).

    4. This final message is a complete guidance pertaining to every aspect of life and valid for all times and places.

    These are the solid reasons why you should seriously consider, ISLAM, the true alternative to the capitalist dominated world we are suffering from. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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