Another brother who needs our support

Discussion in 'Prisoners' started by Umm Yassin, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Umm Yassin

    Umm Yassin Umm Why

    Antonio Martinez, entrapped by the FBI.
    His address:

    Antonio Martinez 52856-037
    Supermax Maryland MCAC
    400 East Madison St.
    Baltimore, Maryland 21202

    Brothers and sisters who want to write but can't send the letter out, please PM me and I'll make sure the brother gets the letter insha Allah.
  2. Umm Khawla

    Umm Khawla ربي رضاك والجنة


    May Allaah ease the affairs of all our brothers and sisters, hasten their freedom and unite us all under His Shade.
  3. Umm DJ-N

    Umm DJ-N Patience


    sad situation
  4. Umm Yassin

    Umm Yassin Umm Why

    Brother Abdul...'s letter was sent out today.
    May Allah reward you.

    More letters are always welcome.
  5. may allah give the brother ease with difficulty and give him honour, diginity and respect in this life and the hereafter insha'allah
  6. Umm Yassin

    Umm Yassin Umm Why

    To the brother who repped me:
    unfortunately there are more brothers like Antonio , receiving little to no support from us, muslims. And believe me, your ''old'' letter will make them happy insha Allah.
    May Allah reward you.

    Allahuma ameen.
  7. isimsiz

    isimsiz أسيرٌ

    If someone here wrote to brother Muhammad (Antonio Martinez) under the kunya Abu'l Muthana please PM me.
  8. Umm Yassin

    Umm Yassin Umm Why

    I received a reply from the brother to one of the brothers who wrote him. Masha Allah.

    I'll PM you the letter insha Allah.
  9. Umm Yassin

    Umm Yassin Umm Why

    I think the brother's been moved. I heard twice this week from sisters that their letters got returned.. I asked sister G. to see if she can help.
  10. Musaafira

    Musaafira Aafia Siddiqui

    Could you please share some wisdom shared in the letter please?
  11. Umm Yassin

    Umm Yassin Umm Why


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