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    US cleric warns Yemen could be Obama's Afghanistan

    CAIRO: A US-born Al-Qaeda-linked cleric warned the American people that President Barack Obama will mire US forces in Yemen just as Afghanistan, in a message appearing Monday on militant websites.

    The 13-minute audio message, in English, comes just days after the US Treasury department put Anwar Al-Awlaki on its list of Specially Designated Global Terrorists.

    "If George W. Bush is remembered as being the president who got America stuck in Afghanistan and Iraq, it's looking like Obama wants to be remembered as the president who got America stuck in Yemen," he said.

    In another message released separately, Al-Qaeda's deputy leader Ayman Al-Zawahri vowed that the American troops would leave both Afghanistan and Iraq in "defeat." US officials worry Al-Qaeda's offshoot in Yemen has found refuge in the country's remote, lawless areas and could be plotting attacks against American and other Western targets. Critics, meanwhile, have warned that imposing a deadline for the withdrawal of US forces in Afghanistan and Iraq could provide the terror network a propaganda tool.

    Al-Zawahri praised Taleban and Al-Qaeda-linked groups, saying they are "moving from one victory to another" in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Taleban will "enter Kabul in triumph and Obama will leave it in fear," he said in the hourlong message, his first since May.

    "Oh Obama, whether you admit it or not, Muslims have defeated you in Afghanistan and in Iraq and you will be defeated in Palestine, Somalia and the Arab Maghreb," he said, referring to Islamic countries in northern Africa.

    "You will not only be defeated militarily and economically but most important you will be defeated morally." Al-Awlaki, meanwhile, mocked US efforts to combat Al-Qaeda in Yemen, saying its airstrikes were only sending recruits streaming to the terror group and had "accomplished for them (Al-Qaeda) the work of years." He also dismissed the American effort to back the Yemeni government with aid and training, and said the Obama administration is being swindled.

    The White House declined to comment on Al-Awlaki's message.

    Washington is increasingly concerned about Al-Qaeda's growing presence in Yemen, although its efforts to contain the threat there pale in comparison to the US military and diplomatic presence in Afghanistan. In Yemen, the US

    has earmarked some $150 million to help the government in San'a combat Al-Qaeda's Yemeni offshoot with training, equipment and intelligence help.

    Al-Awlaki's message appeared with Arabic subtitles over still photos of the cleric and accused Fort Hood shooter, US Army Maj. Nidal Hasan, and the accused would-be Christmas Day bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab.

    Al-Awlaki, who is on the run in Yemen, is believed to have had contacts with the accused bomber in the Christmas Day attempt to bomb a US airliner. He also is believed to have exchanged e-mails with Hasan, who suspected of killing 13 people at Fort Hood.

    Born in New Mexico, Al-Awlaki, 39, is not perceived by American officials as a major tactical terror leader on par with Al-Qaeda founder Osama Bin Laden. But his role as an inspirational exhorter for Al-Qaeda's cause and his growing involvement in plots aimed at the US has made him a prime target in the effort to counter the militant movement.

    Six months ago the US government put Al-Awlaki on a secret list of targets to be captured or killed, according to US officials.

    US cleric warns Yemen could be Obama's Afghanistan - Arab News
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    UN adds radical cleric al-Awlaki to terror list

    WASHINGTON — The United Nations has added U.S.-born radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaki to its terrorist list, requiring member countries to freeze his assets and ban his travel.

    The action follows a similar move by the U.S. Treasury Department last week, and underscores the growing threat officials believe al-Awlaki represents as a terror recruiter and planner.

    Based in Yemen, al-Awlaki has taken on a greater role with al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, leading to his placement earlier this year on a secret U.S. government list of terror targets to be captured or killed, according to U.S. officials.

    He played a key part in recent terror attacks in America including the failed Christmas Day attempt to take down a Detroit-bound passenger jet. Al-Awlaki is believed to have communicated with Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the Nigerian accused of trying to blow up the airliner.

    And he exchanged e-mails with Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, the U.S. Army psychiatrist accused of killing 13 people in November at Fort Hood, Texas. In a video in May al-Awlaki referred to both men as his students.

    Born in New Mexico, al-Awlaki, 39, initially served more as an inspiration for would-be militants, particularly over the Internet. But more recently officials believe he has gotten more involved in the day-to-day operations of the al-Qaida linked group.

    In announcing the U.N. sanctions, the State Department said the crackdown will help degrade AQAP's ability to launch attacks.

    The move, said Daniel Benjamin, State Department coordinator for counterterrorism, "is in direct response to the operational role he plays in AQAP, and most importantly because of the integral part he played in planning AQAP's attempted destruction of Northwest Airlines flight 253 over the United States."

    The Associated Press: UN adds radical cleric al-Awlaki to terror list
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    A CHARISMATIC terror leader linked to the botched Times Square car bomb has placed the Seattle cartoonist who launched "Everybody Draw Muhammed Day" on an execution hit list.

    Yemeni-American cleric Anwar al-Awlaki - the radical who has also been cited as inspiring the Fort Hood, Tex., massacre and the plot by two New Jersey men to kill U.S. soldiers - singled out artist Molly Norris as a "prime target," saying her "proper abode is hellfire."

    FBI officials have notified Norris and warned her they consider it a "very serious threat."

    In an English-language Al Qaeda magazine that calls itself "Inspire," Awlaki damns Norris and eight others for "blasphemous caricatures" of the Prophet Muhammed. The other cartoonists, authors and journalists in Awlaki's cross hairs are Swedish, Dutch and British citizens.

    The 67-page terror rag is seen by terrorism experts as a bald new attempt to reach and recruit Muslim youth in the West.

    "The medicine prescribed by the Messenger of Allah is the execution of those involved," writes Awlaki, 39, a Las Cruces, N.M.-born American citizen.

    "A soul that is so debased, as to enjoy the ridicule of the Messenger of Allah, the mercy to mankind; a soul that is so ungrateful towards its lord that it defames the Prophet of the religion Allah has chosen for his creation does not deserve life, does not deserve to breathe the air."

    Awlaki's rant first appeared late last month in "Inspire," which was posted to the Internet by Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, a Yemeni branch linked to a Christmas Day bombing attempt on a U.S.-bound jet.

    Initially, only three Web pages were accessible, leading to speculation it might be fake. But yesterday, the full edition was posted on jihadist Web forums, according to SITE Intelligence Group.

    David Gomez, the FBI's assistant special agent in charge of counterterrorism in Seattle, said Norris and others were warned of the "very serious threat."

    "We understand the absolute seriousness of a threat from an Al Qaeda-inspired magazine and are attempting to do everything in our power to assist the individuals on that list to effectively protect themselves and change their behavior to make themselves less of a target," Gomez said.

    Norris initially grabbed headlines in April when she published a satirical cartoon on her Web site that declared May 20 "Everybody Draw Muhammed Day" as a way to mock Viacom and Comedy Central's decision to censor an episode of "South Park" that showed the Prophet Muhammed dressed in a bear suit.

    Soon after, the topic erupted on the Web with the start of a Facebook support group for Norris. In response, Pakistan blocked access to the social networking site as a fiery pro-and-con debate raged worldwide.

    Norris eventually backed away from her cartoon and cause.

    "I regret that I made my cartoon the way I made it," she told the Seattle-based KING 5 TV.

    Norris' neighbor said yesterday he's noticed an increased police presence on the street lined with modest Craftsman-style homes. No one answered the door at her home, where a blue baby swing hung from a tree outside.

    Most of the "Inspire" entries are regurgitations of widely available jihadi propaganda, including translated speeches from Osama Bin Laden and tutorials on how to "Make a bomb in the kitchen of your Mom." Still, experts say the goal is clear: to reach a young, impressionable audience.

    "It's like Al Qaeda's Tiger Beat," said one senior U.S. counterterrorism official.

    Read more: hxxp:// med_cartoonist_molly_norris_on_ex.html#ixzz0tThVYx jV
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    Re: Cleric Anwar al-Awlaki puts 'Everybody Draw Mohammed' cartoonist Molly Norris on execution hitli

    Already been posted
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    Re: Cleric Anwar al-Awlaki puts 'Everybody Draw Mohammed' cartoonist Molly Norris on execution hitli

    What do you want, a medal?
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    Re: Cleric Anwar al-Awlaki puts 'Everybody Draw Mohammed' cartoonist Molly Norris on execution hitli

    But didn't she step back from it and apologize?
  12. Re: Cleric Anwar al-Awlaki puts 'Everybody Draw Mohammed' cartoonist Molly Norris on execution hitli

    That's what we've got the Hudud for in Shari'ah Mr. Gomez, don't worry about it...
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    Re: Cleric Anwar al-Awlaki puts 'Everybody Draw Mohammed' cartoonist Molly Norris on execution hitli

    Perhaps some of them will undergo plastic surgery to change their appearance... look how ridiculous it is getting. What is even worse is that they always try to put on this brave face and say things like "we're not gonna let no terrorists change our way of life", "we're not gonna lie in fear of these terrorists" etc., then they quickly run off to hide in an underground bunker, or change their identities, or hire 24-hour bodyguards (like Geert Wilders) and so on...
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    Granted any fear the kuffar feel for violating the sanctity of Islam, Allah, His Messenger, or any Muslim, is because of what Allah AWJ puts in their hearts- the Mujahideen in so many ways benefit this Ummah with their sacrifices without so much as a thank you or closed lips when the media come knocking. May Allah AWJ aid the Mujahideen and grant them victory over the enemies of Islam and continue to inspire fear among the Awliya of Shaytan.

    I can give my Du'a, that's what I can give; and a kind word...
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    May Allah Protect Him.

    Also, please consider the source.. insha'Allah, this is nothing more than propaganda.

    Yemeni Offensive Targets Area Where Radical American Cleric May Be Hiding

    DEVELOPING: An ongoing offensive is taking place in Yemen where U.S.-born radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaki is believed to be hiding, a Yemeni official confirms to Fox News.

    Earlier today, a senior U.S. official had no information to confirm a report that al-Awlaki, the first American on the CIA kill or capture list, who is believed to be connected to the Fort Hood shooter and the Christmas Day bomber, was cornered.

    The Yemeni army moved into the village of Hawta with tanks and armored vehicles and thousands have fled the area to escape the fighting, which is part of the government's U.S.-backed campaign to uproot a 120-man militant cell.

    Troops also fired on vehicles of residents fleeing the village and another nearby trouble spot, the city of Lawder, killing two civilians and wounding three others, local government and medical officials told the Associated Press.

    Security officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren't authorized to speak to the media, said the homes that were destroyed were empty.

    The governor of Shabwa province Ali al-Hamadi said an Al Qaeda sniper wounded a soldier and a civilian on Tuesday as the security officials went further into the village of al-Bareeqa, a few kilometers away from Hawta.

    An unofficial website run by government opponents,, had reported that al-Awlaki had been surrounded.

    But U.S. officials denied that he was in the area under siege. The Yemeni army refused to comment on the operation.

    Mohammed Albasha, a spokesman for the Yemen Embassy in Washington, said the operation was in response to a recent attempted attack on a liquefied natural gas pipeline.

    He said the military had surrounded the area and was cutting off access in and out of the town.

    Most likely they'll enter the area in the next 24 hours," Albasha said.

    He said the operation has nothing to do with al-Awlaki.

    "His hometown is hundreds of miles away," Albasha said.


    Yemen Official: No Confirmation Awlaki Is Among Surrounded Militants

    American Jihadist Was Said to Be With Group of Suspected al Qaeda Leader

    A Yemeni diplomat who has spoken to military commanders on the scene told ABC News there was no confirmation so far that American-born Islamic cleric Anwar al-Awlaki is at the location where a military operation continues.

    Yemeni officials said earlier they believed al-Awlaki was near a village in South Yemen where thousands of civilians have fled their homes in the wake of ongoing fighting between government forces and a group of suspected al Qaeda militants with whom Awlaki was believed to be hiding.

    But the diplomat told ABC News that while the Yemeni military continues to battle militants in the village, it does not yet have confirmation that Awlaki is or was present.

    The capture or death of Awlaki has been considered a "top priority" of the US in the wake of claims he was in contact with the alleged Fort Hood shooter, Major Nidal Hassan, and the man accused of attempting to blow up a US jetliner over Detroit on Christmas Day, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab.

    The CIA and the US military have been authorized to kill Awlaki, according to US officials. Friday is the deadline for the Obama administration to respond to a lawsuit from the ACLU and the Center for Constitutional Rights regarding the president's authority to carry out "targeted killings" of US citizens. The ACLU and the CCR have filed suit in federal court seeking a declaration that such killings are prohibited by the Constitution and international law "outside of of armed conflict except as a last resort."

    President Obama's senior counter-terror adviser, John Brennan, is in Yemen this week for talks about a American military package worth a billion dollars.

    The US Embassy said in a statement that Brennan met with President Ali Abdullah Saleh to discuss "economic and humanitarian support for the Yemeni people" and "cooperation against the continuing threat" of al Qaeda, and to express condolences for Yemenis lost in al Qaeda attacks. The statement also said that Brennan had delivered a letter from President Obama on these issues and also "reiterating the United States' support for a unified, stable, democratic and prosperous Yemen."

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    So, what's new, these days?

    Lackeys of the Amrikan kuffar doing the dirty work of the kuffar by hunting down those Muslims the Amrikan kuffar want to kill or capture, because those Muslims tell the truth about the terrorism of Amrika and resist Amrikan and Western interference in our affairs, resist the kaffir occupation of our lands, and resist those in Muslims lands who collaborate with and who imitate the kuffar.

    May Allah azza wa jal gave those traitors, those collaborators, what they deserve in this life and the next.
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    And make them an example for others!
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    Just like shiekh Anwar Hafidhahullah said the yemeni government is known for their lying.
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    Catching Bin Ladin and Mullah Umar is easy for America. They have done it many times.
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    Back before 9/11, the Yemeni government used to accuse al-Qa'idah of being "foreign American agents" trying to sabotage the country... now they are America's best friends against their "common enemy" al-Qa'idah... it is hard to believe that people could be so shamefully stupid as the president of Yemen 'Ali 'Abdullah Salih (or "al-Aswad al-'Ansi" as they call him there), to expect the people to be as stupid as to take him seriously...

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