Video anyone have any doubts as to pork geletine being halal?

Discussion in 'Islam in General' started by nomad, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. nomad

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    on bbc iplayer there is a programe which delves into the world of food. On this particular episode the presenter makes home made geletine. I was of the opinion it is haram ,but i have friends who think that it has been so chemically changed that it can be eaten, as its not the meat. however on this programe the man makes geletine and its repulsive. If you cant watch it because you are out of uk, the man gets pig skin, which has remnents of meat on, and bones, and covers them in hydrochloric acid. That is then left for 8 hours and the liquid is filtered off. And there is the geletine. I cant see how the molecular structure of pig rements has been altered in that process.

    BBC iPlayer - Jimmy's Food Factory: Series 2: Party Party
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  3. nomad

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    the smell is like pork scratchings gone bad and a smelly dog!
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    Gelatin just changes form not the the chemical composition. It's like ice turning into water... it's still H2O

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