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    The Supreme Court of Saudi Arabia has called residents in the kingdom to watch the skies to sight the Shawwal crescent on the evenings of Tuesday and Wednesday.

    Those who sight the crescent (hilal) are requested to record the proof and inform the nearest court.

    Sighting the crescent will decide the first day of Shawwal when Eid Al-Fitr is celebrated. If the crescent is sighted on the evening of Tuesday, then Wednesday would be considered as Eid.

    If that is the case, then there will be only 28 days of the holy month in 2013. Under such circumstances, worshippers fast a day any day after Eid and before the next Ramadan to make up for the 29th Ramadan.

    An error in the lunar sighting for this year’s Ramadan is the reason for the shortening of the holy month. This oddity has happened once 30 years ago.

    If, however, the crescent is sighted on Wednesday evening, then Eid will be celebrated on Thursday after 29 days of Ramadan.

    Saudi Supreme court calls for sighting Shawwal crescent on evening of 6 Aug | Riyadh Connect
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    The ruling on fasting Ramadan 28 days:

    Question: Is it permissible to fast only 28 days for the month of Ramadhan?

    Answer: It is confirmed in the extensive authentic Hadiths from the Messenger-Sallallahu alaihiwasallam- that the month is not less than 29 days. When it is confirmed with Islamically valid evidence that the month of Shawwal has entered after the Muslims have only fasted28 days, this means that they did not fast the the first day of Ramadhan. Therefore they must make up for it because it is not possible for the month to be 28 days. The month is only 29 or 30 days.

    Shaykh `Abdul-`Azeez Bin Baz

    Fatawa Islamiyah Page no.234 Vol: 2
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    Wifaaq al-Ulema, Crescentwatch, ICOP and Moonsighting are saying Eid is on 8th or 9th. Visibility charts indicate that the moon is not visible anywhere in the World tonight (6th Aug) and that it will only be visible tomorrow night (7th Aug) onwards.
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    they can roll their sighting charts up real tight and stick em where the moon don't shine, I'll stick to the sunnah way thank you very much.
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    Don't worry someone will be sticking ther batty out so mans can shout "we've seen the moon jamal's batty is in full force!"
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    And what is the sunnah? To claim you have seen the moon while millions of other people around the world haven't seen it and went out just like them? Do you even know the conditions to accept the shahada of a half-blinded bedouin who claimed to have seen the moon while this is astronomically impossible? What did he actually see? The old or the new moon?

    Please tell us which glasses these Saudi's use! Must be some laser eyes. Every year Saudi messes up the moonsighting!
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    No, its not the glasses man, its carrot soup. Lots and lots of it.

    Abu Saalehah I think that the "sticking to the sunnah" argument is indefensible when you get occasions where Saudi see a new moon and no one else in the world sees it. It is a natural phenomenon that if the crescent is viewable in Saudi it should be visible all points West of Saudi right?
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    if they've said they've seen it, the person is considered trustworthy and witnesses produced to prove that, and the qadi has confirmed it then that is good enough for me.
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    But with all the tech in the world, these guys messed up... now one Saum will be Kaza... Alhamdulilah for every thing.

    This year’s Ramadan could end in 28 days as Saudi’s supreme court has asked Muslims across the country to look for the new moon today evening.

    Sighting the moon later today would mean Muslims could celebrate Eid Ul Fitr on Wednesday which would correct an earlier moon-sighting error.

    According to newspapers in Saudi, a statement issued by the court read, “Those who witness the moon should inform the nearest court. If the moon was not sighted on Tuesday, they should look for it on Wednesday evening.”

    Previously, Eid-Ul-Fitr was expected to fall on either Thursday or Friday. It is believed an error in the lunar citing to mark the onset of Ramadan has caused the confusion. The odd event has happened only once in 30 years. The last time Ramadan ended in 28 days was in 1984.

    Muslims across the world follow the lunar calendar which marks the onset of a new month based on the sighting of the new moon. More details to follow.
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    Alhamdulillaah I am content to follow the visual moon sighting methods, it is the sunnah, it is good enough for me as it was good enough for Rasoolulllaah (saw).
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    Having been to the majority of countries starting their fast on wed 10th july.

    There are many sightings for moon on Tuesday 9th July on their website.

    Why do we think that the sighting of the moon in Saudi for the beginning of Ramadan is out of step with other countries on this occasion ?

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    By Shaykh Ahmad Musa Jibril
    Bisma Allah
    Alhamdulillah Wasalatu Walsalamu Ala Rasool Allah:


    I was flooded with questions asking me if the entire ummah must make up a missed day of Ramadan this year?!

    The answer is: As of now NO because it's too early to say!

    **What is the source of this rumor? Where is the confusion from?

    The high court in Saudi announced that people should (START) sighting the moon Tues 8/6/13 night!

    When they informed people to (start) sighting the moon (Tues)!
    IF - IF - IF anyone were to sight the moon Tues night! THAT would make Eid on (Wed) and then that would make our Ramadan only 28 days.

    IF - IF - IF that actually happens the entire ummah would need to make up a day because the ahadeeth informed us that our Islamic months can only be 29 or 30 days!!

    We go by "{sighting}", as the Propeht Sallaha Allahu alyhi wasalam taught us!!!

    If we sight the moon on the 29th night of any Islamic month, then the following day is 1st not the 30th!

    If we don't sight the moon the on the 29th night then the following day is 30th of the Islamic month.

    {{This year}} for Ramadan the moon was not sighted in the start of Ramadan. Shaba'an the month before Ramadan was completed off 30 days!

    (Most of the time) we don't sight the moon because it was not born yet - which inshallah was the case this year.

    (Sometimes) it could be because of other factors such as cloudy or matters in Allah's creation that make it impossible to see a moon that's there.
    Remember we go by eye sight as the ahadeeth taught us.

    AT the end of Ramadan you can tell if it there was an error or not.

    If Ramadan turns out to be 28 days, meaning we sight the moon tonight and the Eid is on (wed), then we messed up in the beginning. We perform our Eid based on the new sighting and make up a day throughout the year.

    -The last time I read of a mistake like this happening of the most recent times was approximately 30 Ramadans ago.

    -This is a very quick and brief response to the tens of questions I got today pertaining to this matter. I kept it brief and short to avoid confusion, if need I'll elaborate in the future.

    -In summary, IF - IF - IF the Eid turns out to be (Wed) based on the sighting of the moon tonight then we will all need to make up a day.


    ~Shaykh Ahmad Jibril

    [admin] #Islam #ramadan
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    wifaqul ulama do use the sunnah method to sight the moon. not just for ramadhan, but for every month of the year. they do not use calculations to determine the beginning of the month. the calculations and charts are there to back up their claims and to investigate the claims of others, especially at times when claims are made when it is physically impossible to see the moon.

    charts or no charts - it would not make a difference to the physical sighting that the wifaqul ulama do each month.
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    Is that why Mufti Taqi Usmani walked in on a Beddu crying in the Prophet's sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Rawdah who said he's been lying about sighting the moon for 20 years?

    All the websites I referenced follow the Sunnah of sighting the moon. The moon visibility charts are to aid the Muslims in sighting the moon and to verify claims of sightings, or in this case to call out a bogus claim of sighting the moon if it happens.

    When it's literally impossible to see the moon in your part of the World, e.g. in Saudi Arabia tomorrow, and some clown claims to have seen it, you call him out for what he is - a liar.

    And the Sunnah is local sighting, so unless you're in the KSA a bogus sighting in Saudi Arabia today or tomorrow should not affect you at all.
  16. Aboo Shayba


    Yeh some indian guy at the Ramadan Launch HQ pressed the launch button a day to early.
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    Rofl blame al-Hindi innit
  18. Abu'l 'Eyse

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    But Saudi saying they didn't see moon bcus of clouds (across WHOLE OF SAUDI!!!!!!!! ???????!!!!!!!!) and so there could be a mistake, and of course no consideration for possible no sighting around world on the same day

    wa Allahu a'lam

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    do you have any more info on this and references pls?
  20. Abu Milk Sheikh

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    Walaikum salam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. I read it in the moon sighting thread in the Fiqh section. That's the only info and reference I have, sorry.

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