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Discussion in 'Helpers' Corner' started by Fajr, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. Fajr

    Fajr ذكرى للعابدين

    As-salaamu `alaykum

    I recently had my laptop formatted and in the process lost what was stored on there including all the settings. I've been trying to get back the arabic settings but it's asking me to insert the XP cd (which I don't have!).

    Is there a way I can get the arabic enabled without the windows xp cd?

    Jazaakumullahu khayran in advance
  2. Abu Hafsa

    Abu Hafsa New Member

    Usually in the regional language settings area, I go to the advance tab, and select the saudia arabian language. I cannot recall it asking for a cd, just a restart... try it see what happens

    I suspect if you did not enable complex right to left languages when installing XP it may just ask you for the cd.
  3. Yasir

    Yasir لك الله يا مهبط الوحي

    wa’alaikum as-salaam,
  4. Fajr

    Fajr ذكرى للعابدين

    Barak'Allahu feekuma, I tried both methods but it doesn't seem to be working. It does offer me a browse through the computer though - are there additional standard files that I can use instead of the xp cd?
  5. aburasheed

    aburasheed New Member

    Most of the laptop pre-installed with XP archives the content of the installation CD on the hard-disk. The location of the archive depends on the brand/company you bought the laptop from. When you first boot the laptop, it will ask you to backup the system to CD so you can recover the XP in case you need to reinstall.

    If you have the hard-disk formatted, you maybe able to buy the XP from the company that you bought the laptop from and the CD is different for different models, so make sure you order the right one for you laptop. It's possible to just buy the XP CD off the shelf, but you may have to find drivers for your laptop and it sometimes maybe difficult depending on how popular the model of your laptop is.

    If it's just looking for a specific system file, fonts and keyboard layout, you may be able to find them on the net. When it ask for the CD try pointing to some random directory and see what files is it looking for.
  6. Yasir

    Yasir لك الله يا مهبط الوحي

    You could try this insha’Allah.
  7. aburasheed

    aburasheed New Member

    Enabling CTL (Complex Text Layout) on XP

    I've a new laptop and discovered that it does not have arabic support and I don't have a XP CD handy, so I had to do the following.

    Enabling CTL (Complex Text Layout) on XP. (For Arabic, Thai, indic, hebrew, etc).

    1) Go to control panel and click "Reagonal and Language Options". (switch to classic view if you don't see it)
    2) Click the "Languages" Tab
    3) enable the "Install files for complex script and right-to-left languages (including Thai)" checkbox.
    4) click apply

    It will prompt you for all the missing files if you don't have a XP CD. All the files are available on the net and I'm not sure about the copyright issues. I've listed the files below so you can google them and make sure that there's no copyright issues. Copy the files to one folder and point to that folder when it's looking for the missing files.

    85f1255.fon UPCEB.TTF artrbdo.ttf kbdfa.dll rodtr.ttf
    85f1256.fon UPCEBI.TTF artro.ttf kbdgeo.dll sere1255.fon
    85f874.fon UPCEI.TTF browa.ttf kbdheb.dll sere1256.fon
    85s1255.fon UPCEL.TTF browab.ttf kbdindev.dll serf1256.fon
    85s1256.fon UPCFB.TTF browau.ttf kbdinguj.dll simpbdo.ttf
    85s874.fon UPCFBI.TTF c_10004.nls kbdinhin.dll simpfxo.ttf
    ANGSA.TTF UPCFI.TTF c_10005.nls kbdinkan.dll simpo.ttf
    ANGSAI.TTF UPCFL.TTF c_10021.nls kbdinmar.dll smae1255.fon
    ANGSAU.TTF UPCIB.TTF c_28596.nls kbdinpun.dll smae1256.fon
    ANGSAUI.TTF UPCIBI.TTF c_708.nls kbdintam.dll smaf1255.fon
    ANGSAZ.TTF UPCII.TTF c_720.nls kbdintel.dll smaf1256.fon
    BROWAI.TTF UPCIL.TTF c_862.nls kbdsyr1.dll ssee1255.fon
    BROWAUB.TTF UPCJB.TTF c_864.nls kbdsyr2.dll ssee1256.fon
    BROWAUI.TTF UPCJBI.TTF c_iscii.dll kbdth0.dll ssee874.fon
    BROWAUZ.TTF UPCJI.TTF coue1255.fon kbdth1.dll ssef1255.fon
    BROWAZ.TTF UPCJL.TTF coue1256.fon kbdth2.dll ssef1256.fon
    CORDIA.TTF UPCKB.TTF couf1256.fon kbdth3.dll ssef874.fon
    CORDIAB.TTF UPCKBI.TTF david.ttf kbdurdu.dll thawbrkr.dll
    CORDIAI.TTF UPCKI.TTF davidbd.ttf kbdusa.dll tradbdo.ttf
    CORDIAU.TTF UPCKL.TTF davidtr.ttf lvnm.ttf trado.ttf
    CORDIAUB.TTF UPCLB.TTF frank.ttf lvnmbd.ttf vgaf1255.fon
    CORDIAUI.TTF UPCLBI.TTF ftlx041e.dll mriam.ttf vgaf1256.fon
    CORDIAUZ.TTF UPCLI.TTF kbda1.dll mriamc.ttf vgaf874.fon
    CORDIAZ.TTF UPCLL.TTF kbda2.dll mriamfx.ttf vgas1255.fon
    KBDVNTC.DLL ahronbd.ttf kbda3.dll vgas1256.fon
    UPCDB.TTF andlso.ttf kbdarme.dll mriamtr.ttf vgas874.fon
    UPCDBI.TTF angsab.ttf kbdarmw.dll msdlg874.fon
    UPCDI.TTF angsaub.ttf kbddiv1.dll nrkis.ttf
    UPCDL.TTF angsauz.ttf kbddiv2.dll rod.ttf

    I hope this info is useful for anyone who have the same issues.

    Baraka Allah fik
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  8. Abu Abdallah al-Bulghari

    Abu Abdallah al-Bulghari <A HREF="showthread.php?t=70991"></A>

    الحمد ل لله

    How do I add Tashkeel? Nu'man Ali Khan had really cool support on his laptop which he used to teach us Arabic. It would give you exactly the same "Uthmani mushaf" font.

    I love how Kaafir Windows converts Alif, Lam, Ha correctly to "Allah" with tashkeel. لا هول و لا قوة ال بي الله

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  9. qahwagi

    qahwagi New Member

    Re: Enabling CTL (Complex Text Layout) on XP

    أشكرك على نصيحتك الطيبة. عندي لوحة المفاتيح العربية الآن.
    Thank you VERY much for the advice --- I wouldn't have been able to do it without your information. It has been 4 years since you posted, so I doubt you will read this, but I want you to know that you have helped me immensely. I am surprised that until now you have 0 thanks and 0 likes --- I will push those buttons for you.
    Thanks again.
  10. qahwagi

    qahwagi New Member

    Re: something wrong with this site

    I would like to know why my post thanking aburasheed always appears as an ad until I log in. Fajr's post #1 always appears as an ad. Also, in my account details it shows that I've received 8 replies (which I seriously doubt) to my post --- what's up with this webage? (Have received no reply from webmaster) . . . just curious...
  11. qahwagi

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    Re: something wrong with this site

    As I expected --- my post about "something wrong with this webpage" appears as an ad . . .
  12. Fajr

    Fajr ذكرى للعابدين

    When you are not logged in, the first and last post of a thread will have ads on them. These disappear when you are logged in. Insha'Allah, in due time everything will be resolved.
  13. qahwagi

    qahwagi New Member

    That might make sense, but I did not see your post until I chose "reply with quote". After log-in, your posts #1 and #12, and my message #11 still appeared as ads . . . very strange. Thanks very much for replying. Hovering the cursor over the ads, I've noticed that their source is googleads --- I guess google is just getting a little more attention-grabbing . . .
  14. qahwagi

    qahwagi New Member

    Just as you said, Fajr " due time everything will be resolved". Just out of curiosity, looked at the posts again after 2 weeks and I see that ads are no longer replacing the posts as before. والحمد لله.
    If you ever read this, aburasheed, please know that I'm very grateful for your information --- الله يطوّل عمرك

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