Question Are Ashkenazi Jews descended from Khazars and does it matter?

Discussion in 'Global Affairs' started by My_Lady, Feb 10, 2010.

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    Are Ashkenazi Jews descended from Khazars and does it matter?

    An article by Arthur Koestler many years ago speculated that Ashkenazy Jews are descended from the Khazars, a Central Asian kingdom that converted to Judaism and eventually vanished. This claim has been used by anti-Zionists to argue that the Jews are not a nation, and that Ashkenazy Jews have no rights to Israel. The best evidence indicates that Jews dispersed throughout Europe from Rome. There were Jewish communities in France in the dark ages evidently. Other Ashkenazy Jews are descended from Spanish (Sephardic) Jews who were forced to leave Spain in 1492. Genetic evidence indicates that European Jews are probably closer to Palestinian and Syrian Arabs than to central Asians who are partly descended from the Khazars; see articles here and here for example. In any case, the claims of a people to nationhood are almost never based on genetics or "race." Nobody claims that all the French are descended from ancient Gauls, or that all the British are descended from the Celts and Picts. When Americans talk about "'our' forefathers," the 'our' doesn't usually exclude the generations of immigrants who came after the Mayflower settlers. Today's Palestinians are not all descended from ancient Canaanites and Philistines. Some are converted Jews. Some are descended from Arab families who arrived with various conquerors. Whatever the merits of the genetic arguments, claims that anyone has no right to a country because they are not racially "pure" are racist claims, and identify the people making those claims as racists.
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    Where are the 'lost tribes' if we are to believe that the 'European' Jews are indeed the ethnic Jews? Does it matter where they are from? Not entirely. We judge them on their actions.
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    More double standards. So why don't you protest against Israel for evicting people (i.e. Arabs) from their rightful and historical homes because they don't belong to the correct race (Jewish)?

    You didn't answer my question ealier on Zionist apartheid and racism either. Let's hope you answer this one.
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    There are generally three different branches of Jewish people, the Ashkenazim or central European Jews, the Mizrahim or Middle Eastern Jews and the Sephardim or Spanish Jews. There are some other smaller groups, but those are the largest.

    DNA evidence proves that almost all of these people can be traced back to having a common ancestry within a Middle Eastern population, primarily in Israel. Jews who migrated away from the Middle East were able to maintain discernible Jewish traits because there was very seldom intermarriage with non-Jewish communities.

    So, it is definitely possible for a person to be ethnically Jewish and "look Jewish", but not necessarily be religiously Jewish...

    The world is the way it cause of our contributions to it not in spite of it!
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    That does not answer the question as to where the 'ten lost tribes' are.
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    Now this is what i like to discuss about the jews and finish off their claims of being the chosen people. We need to use both religious and scientific findings in order to solve this problem, as religion and science are not opposing forces. Dna suggests that about 40% of the ashkenazi are from 4 women who were likely (not a solid fact) from levantine pool.

    If these 2 groups only worked together they will finally conclude that the present day jews are in fact the gog mentioned in all the scriptures. In the old testament chronicles 5, it is mentioned that gog is descended of rubin, who in turn was one of the sons of jacob and a son of israel. So gog and the rest of his relatives are really the israelites and magog were people who already lived in khazaria before gog arrived.

    This is how the dna came about. So the present day israeli jews are gog and magog
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    The ashkenazi jew is not to be confused with the biblical hebrew , although the biblical jew was known for his treachery and lies , the ashkenazi jew can only be described as a brutal , vicious , unproductive and uncreative thief . The ashkenazi jew is the bastardized product of a bastardized past , descended from the armpit of khazaria in 740CE , it is doubtful they are even semites .
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    Today's Jews are in fact descended from the Biblical Hebrews, and thus are the people that al-Qur'an ash-Sharif says are cursed. Anyone who accepts Koestler's claim that they are Khazars is an imbecile.

    Keep in mind that Arthur Koestler was a Zionist Jew himself. His reasons for claiming that the modern Jews were descended from the Khazars was so he could absolve them of their reputation as the enemies of Jesus Christ (alayhis salaam). Keep in mind that since the Christians believe that Christ was crucified, a traditional epithet for a Jew was "Christ-killer".

    As for where the 10 lost tribes of Israel went, the question is irrelevant. They most likely assimilated into the local population of whatever places they went to and are no longer a distinct group.

    I hate when Muslims try to assimilate kaafir nonsense like this (and other conspiracy theories). The modern Jews being descended from the ancient Hebrews actually makes our case stronger than if they are descendants of the Khazars. Koestler's argument was only picked up by the secular Arab nationalists because their claim to Palestine is based on "who was there first". The Islamic claim is based on whom Allah (subhanu wa ta'ala) has favoured.

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