Attempted bombing

Discussion in 'Global Affairs' started by akhook, Oct 30, 2010.

  1. akhook

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  2. General Bison

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    They're going to attack Yemen I think, they're always hyping up Yemen even though Shabab controls half a country, has trainingcamps etc. Yet they only focus on Yemen, something fishy is going on.
  3. abuhannah

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    wAllahi I belive nothing the kuffar say in regards to ''Muslims done it'' anymore...nothing,nitto,nada.......they simply lie,murder,molest and destroy people 24/7!!!.....
  4. Tisatashar

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    Suspicious Package to U.S. not from Yemen; Yemenia Air Cargo Director- Yemen Post English Newspaper Online

    Mohammed al-Shaibah, Air Cargo Director for Yemenia Airways said to Yemen Post, "No UPS cargo plane left Yemeni lands over the land 48 hours. These accusations are false and baseless."
    He added, "No UPS or DHL cargo packages heading to Chicago through Yemen took place in the last 48 hours as well."

    Thus he [Fir'aun] befooled and misled his people, and they obeyed him. Verily, they were ever a people who were Fasiqun. 43.54
  5. Wild Wild West

    Wild Wild West لا تعتذر اليوم

    Here we go:

    Yemen bomb scare 'mastermind' lived in London | World news | The Guardian

    And the 'evidence'

    So, MM can write another article now based of clear proof.
  6. Wild Wild West

    Wild Wild West لا تعتذر اليوم

    This will be marked by MM as conspiracy theory.
  7. Umar247

    Umar247 Haters Gonna Hate

    salam alaykum,

    this is 100% BS. Why would someone go and mail bombs through three sets of the most heightened security arenas in the first place? Synagogues > USA > Yemen...the hottest country in the world posts something to one of the most protected in the world.

    If they werent getting so screwed over in afghanistan im sure US Soldiers would be walking around there right now, refueling in Saudi.

    Walaykum salam,

  8. Wild Wild West

    Wild Wild West لا تعتذر اليوم

  9. Tisatashar

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  10. yezeed

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    Security has reached critical level after it was rumoured that AQ are about to send "THE FALSE TEETH BOMBER" . A man with explosives lined in his false teeth . Police are on high alert for an arabic looking man with big beard , wild crazy eyes , permanant sneer on his face and shiny white teeth !
  11. abuhannah

    abuhannah Well-Known Member

    Uk denied there was anything dodgy at West Midlands Airport...but Obama knows better and told them they were wrong...
  12. Muwaahid

    Muwaahid I disbelieve in disbelief

    What are you trying to say? That they should instead focus on shabab? Talk about brotherhood!
  13. Tisatashar

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    Have you considered how embarrassing it'd be if the somali pirates pinched a nuclear powered aircraft carrier?
  14. Wild Wild West

    Wild Wild West لا تعتذر اليوم

    I am fed up of Americans, both Muslim and non Muslim, coming to the UK and telling us how it is. We are better off without them.

    Could you send a link for what you said above btw Abu H?
  15. s-b-r

    s-b-r Patience is a Virtue

    Look at the timing of these plots. Massive wikileaks leak, political problems in america, austerity furore in europe, and at the same time these big secuirity threats are raised.
  16. abuhannah

    abuhannah Well-Known Member

    it was stated on bbc TV news,no link that I can find,afwan..
  17. abuhannah

    abuhannah Well-Known Member

    just in time for Halloween...
  18. Layth

    Layth Abu Shawarma

    Bush used to do this sort of thing all the time during his presidency. Polls show increasing dissatisfaction with the president and all of a sudden some "major terrorist attack" gets foiled. Americans are like sheep.
  19. akhook

    akhook New Member

    Try living next door to them...
  20. Butterknife al-Batil

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    Has anyone seen the pictures of the mail "bombs"? Hilarious, they are printer ink cartridges turned somehow into a bomb by using an old tuner card from like the 80's vintage television!

    It's really funny, I'll be surprised if it could even be used to hit someone over the head before falling apart

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